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When I got my license they said I had 20/40 vision and I don't need glasses to drive. It might not hurt to see if she needs reading glasses.

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โˆ™ 2005-11-11 17:28:56
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Q: Will your daughter who has been diagnosed with 2040 vision require glasses?
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Does 2040 vision always require glasses?

Depends on your situation and what doctor you have

Can you wear glasses during the vision part of a driving test?

No, you can't wear glasses during the vision portion of a driving exam. That's the reason for the test... to see if you require corrective lenses while driving.

Do you need glasses for double vision?

No,You dont need glasses for double vision.

Can you join raf with glasses?

Yes you can so long as your eye vision fits within their guide lines. However some roles require perfect vision.

Should I get glasses with 2040 vision?

Yes I have 20 40 vision and I am getting glasses

Does eye glasses affect peripheral vision?

Yes, people with glasses have better peripheral vision.

What are the night vision glasses called in The Hunger Games?

They are simply called night vision glasses.

Do you need special glasses to view a 2d movie?

This is a trick question. All regular films are 2D. Only 3D films require special glasses. But if you have a vision disorder, you may need glasses to see the movie clearly, just as you would need the glasses to anything else around you clearly. Of course, regular vision glasses are not "special".

Do bar glasses mess up your vision?

Assuming you mean actual bar drink glasses, no, they do not mess up your vision in any way. If you mean the glasses with bars across them, they do not mess up your vision either.

What are driving glasses?

Driving glasses are glasses designed to improve your vision while driving.

Can vision be fixed with glasses?


Why do you have to have glasses?

Sometimes there is something wrong with people's vision, or as they grow older their vision gets worse. Glasses are worn to correct vision, so people can see normally.

How do you improve vision naturally without glasses?

My mom has terrible vision but my dad has pretty good vision. I'm 12 years old and wear very thick glasses. Is there a way to improve my vision so that I can see without glasses? Do eye exercises help?

What will Help for blurred vision?


What to do if have bad eye vision?

get glasses

How do you correct blurry vision?


Is always wearing glasses bad for your vision?

Continually wearing glasses may cause the muscles in your eyes to weaken, making your vision worse.

Are juice glasses good for people with bad vision?

Juice glasses are generally used for serving fruit and vegetable juices. Eye glasses are used for correcting bad vision. Some people believe drinking carrot juice will improve your vision.

What do glasses do?

glasses help your vision improve and help you see from far or close

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Nope! his vision is too perfect for glasses!(:

A male who has normal vision marries a female who is a carrier for colorblindness can they have a colorblind daughter?

Assuming that the man who has normal vision is homozygous for normal vision, the couple's daughter will either be homozygous for normal vision or heterozygous (normal vision but carrier for color blindness) for normal vision. In light of this, the couple's daughter will not be color blind.

Can having strong eye glasses damage you eye vision?

Yes , because the stronger glasses can harm your eyes. not only can they mess up your vision, they can also blind you or make your vision worse.I recommend you not to do this

Do I need vision insurance if I don't have glasses?

I don't know why you would need to have vision insurance if you don't need glasses unless poor vision runs in your family, and you think you may need it in the future.

Does Cody Simpson wear real glasses?

Nope! his vision is too perfect for glasses!(:

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they were made to help improve vision for the vision less