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If you're pregnant, then your periods will stop. Also, if you are pregnant, you SHOULD NOT be taking the pill.

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Q: Will your peiod stop if your pregnant and on the pill?
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Can you be pregnant 8 days after conception but have your peiod or what you think is your peiod?

See your doctor.

Can you still get pregnant if you are only spotting after stopping the pill?

You can get pregnant after you stop the pill.

Can you get pregnant while on the pill and if so should you immediately stop taking the pill?

Yes you can definitely become pregnant while taking the pill. I am proof of that and I never missed a dose. :) If you are pregnant you must stop taking the pill.

You may be pregnant and you are on the pill should you stop taking the pill?

Yes you should stop taking the pill. Perform a pregnancy test prior to stopping the pill.

How soon can you get pregnant when stop taking the pill?


If you stop taking the pill halfway through and continue intercourse will you get pregnant?

yes. one day of missing your pill can get you pregnant.

If the girl took the pill on June and then July can she get pregnant on December?

yes you have to keep taking the pill that's the only way your protected. if you stop taking the pill you can get pregnant.

Can you get pregnant after stop taking pill?

Yes, you definetely can. as a matter of fact, there is about a one percent chance you will get pregnant while on the pill, or if you do not take it properly.

If your taking the pill and your pregnant can you still bleed?

You should NOT be taking the pill while pregnant! STOP immediately. Next time you have an appointment with your obstetrician, let him/her know that you were taking the pill. There is absolutely no reason to continue taking the pill while you are pregnant, you cannot get pregnant again.

Can you get pregnant right after you stop the pill?

Yes. Being on the pill stops you from ovulating. If you stop taking the pill, you're body will begin ovulating again, sometimes immediately.

Can you get pregnant if you only took the pill for 1 month?

After you stop the pill, normal fertility will resume in 2-4 weeks, so you can get pregnant in the first month after stopping the pill.

If you want to be pregnant by october when should you stop taking the pill?


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