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They can sleep under water because they can hold their breath for a very long time.

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Can a Red Eared Slider Turtle sleep under water?

yes it can i hav a red eared turtle and it can sleep underwater

Can a red eared slider turtle sleep out of water?

Why not it is not called a water turtle.

How much does a turtle sleep at night?

Well, my red-eared slider sleeps all night long (8 or 9 hours).

How many hours does a red-eared slider sleep?

Mine sleeps all night long (around 8 or 9 hours).

Can a red eared slider sleep underwater in a deep tank?

No. A turtle is a reptile and needs to breath air. Although they are mostly aquatic they still need a place where they can climb out of the water.

How long do red-eared sliders sleep?

Most reptiles sleep about 75% of the day, but not all at once. They will sleep a few hour here and a few hours there. A turtle such as a red ear slider, can either sleep underwater or on land. My turtle will normally sleep when I have the light of and when they are basking throughout the day.

Can a Red Eared Slider Turtle sleep in land?

no they cant they sleep in water be cause i have two of them and both sleep in water and not on land as i kept them on land to sleep one day and when i saw it the next morning they were woken up and mother to said that she saw them that night and all they were doing was moving

What are the adaptations of the Red Eared Slider Turtle?

They develope melanism(developement of dark pigment). In winter, they burrow into the bottom mud of lakes and ponds. They sleep at the bottom of the water. -maddie m

Why can't sharks not sleep?

Sharks do not sleep because they will drown!

Do red eared sliders sleep?

They do in Fact Sleep under water.

Who sings no sleep tonight?

The group The Faders made the song, No Sleep Tonight.

Do Baby Red Eared Sliders sleep a lot when they are young?

Baby red-eared sliders sleep as much as possible when they are young. In nature, they prefer to sleep on rocks or floating in shallow water.

Why don't whales drown when they sleep?

They don't drown because some whales go up to shore and sleep up there so then they don't drowned.

Its going to be a good sleep for me tonight is a correct grammar?

"Its gonna be a good sleep for me tonight" is not correct grammar; instead, it should be "It's going to be a good sleep for me tonight".

Do whales sleep?

do whales sleepyes, but they keep swimming so they don't sinkwhale do not sleep or they will drown

Where do red eared sliders sleep?

Usually turtles sleep in the water with their head sticking out for air.

How will you sleep?

I will sleep on my back in my bed in my bedroom tonight.

Do ducks sleep on water at night?

Ducks sleep on land at night and with their head tucked. If they sleep on they water, they might drown!

Do blue whales breathe when they sleep?

Yes they would drown if they did not

Why do otters sleep in water?

cuz they are stupid and want to drown

Its a going to be a good for me tonight is a correct grammar?

"Its gonna be a good sleep for me tonight" is not correct grammar and it should be corrected to "It's going to be a good sleep for me tonight".

Do pregnant red eared slider turtle females get sleepy?

water turtles don't actually 'sleep' the way we think of it. they go into a trance-like state which enables them to remember to resurface for air every few minutes and keep an eye out for predators

Are whales able to sleep?

If they fully slept, they would drown. Half of their brains sleep at any one time.

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