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Yes if the valve is leaking. But in general the answer is no.

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Why does air leave a tire when the tire valve is open?

Air leaves a tire when the tire valve is open due to the pressure. The pressure outside of the tire is lower than the pressure inside the tire.

What is the type of air valve?

if you are asking about the air valve on the tire to add/let out air then it is a schrader valve or an American valve

What does air leave a tire when the tire valve is opened?

Air leaves a tire when the valve is opened due to the pressure difference. Since the tire has more pressure than the air outside, the tire air will escape until the pressure equalizes.

Where is ths schrader valve on 2005 ford f 150 4x4?

It is the air valve on the tire, where you put air into the tire.

What causes a tire to just go flat you put air back in and it doesnt go flat again?

Sounds like someone let the air out. Another possibility is that it is leaking at the valve stem. It may only leak when you are moving. The centrifugal force causes the valve stem to bend sideways and leak. It could also be you parked it with the leak on the bottom and the weight of the car sealed it. I would remove the tire and check it throughly with soapy water for a leak.

Will a tubeless tire get punctured?

A tubeless tire can get punctured but air will leak slowly.

Where is the shradder valve on a 1995 Dodge Caravan?

I have heard the shradder valve is the tire valve stem ( internal valve ) that keeps air in the tire or else you will have a flat.This valve has many applications including air tanks

Why would you slowly be losing air in a tire overnight but not all the way flat?

A slow air leak can be caused by a puncture in the tire itself, a leaking valve stem, or improper sealing between the tire and rim. Bring the vehicle back to the garage you bough the tires from and have them inspect it for leaks. When they remove the tire to inspect it, they will clean the outer edge of the rim (to make it seal better) and replace the valve stem, even if there is no hole in the tire.

Air shocks has to mouch air how do you remove?

The shocks have a air valve just like a tire valve, just take the cap off the valve and depress the insert in the valve to let air out.

How do get the air out of the tire?

Press the pin in the centre of valve.

When you inflate a tire where does the air come from?

The air comes from the atmosphere. It is compressed by the pump and forced, through a valve into the tire.

What causes air to leak out of the qiuck release valve on a air brake system?

Faulty diaphragm in the quick release valve.

What do you need to get the air out of the tire in poptropica cryptids?

You need to click the left tire and press the valve.

Suppose you deflate a bicycle tire by depressing the air valve Why does air rush out of the tire and After the air stops rushing out of the tire is the tire empty?

Air rushes out because it is under pressure. Once there is no longer any pressure in the tire the air will stop flowing out. However there is still air in the tire it is just equal to the pressure outside.

What could cause a high pitch noise in your back tire?

An air leak.

How can a cracked wheel cause a flat tire?

Yes, the air can leak out of the crack.

Where is the PCV valve on a 2003 Grand Marquis?

The PVC valve will be located in one of the valve covers. The valve covers are on top of the engine on either side. And it will have a hose attached to it which will lead over to the air intake system.

Where are one-way valves used?

One way valves are used on any tires. It lets you air up the tire and the valve keeps it from leaking air back out. If you want to check if your vale is leaking, just pour a little water on to the valve. You will see bubbles comming form the valve if it is leaking. If no bubbles, there is no leak.

84 Chevy 350 Air presure in valve cover how do you fix it?

You need to put a vent and a PCV valve in the valve covers.

How long do you take on the tire on cryptids island?

Hold the valve stem until enough air has gotten out of the tire.

What does a Schrader valve look like on a 1994 dodge caravan?

Just like the tire valve on your Schwinn bicycle. It's the standard air fill valve that you see on your car or bicycle tire. Jim

A bicycle tire inflates when you pump air into a valve on one side?

If the pump, valve, and tube are OK - yes.

What happens to the pressure in a tire if airis leaking out of the tire?

If air is leaking out, obviously the pressure will decrease to nothing. Find the leak and fix it.

What is a rubber valve stem?

That would be the part of the wheel where you add air to the tire.

Why does air escape from a tire when the tire valve is opened?

Because, by pressure differential, there is a gas flow from the high pressure tire to the lower pressure environment.

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