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YES!!! Vicodin addiction is a common problem, especially for people in chronic pain, because tolerance to vicodin goes up dramatically and quickly. If you're an adult, it's your choice, but if you are pregnant, then yes, your baby could come into this planet craving narcotics. You should NOT even be taking vicodin (or any narcotic) while pregnant, whether you are in your first, second or third trimester.Could beMore than likely, yes. Anything that goes into your body goes to your baby. Anything you're addicted to, your baby can also get addicted to. If you're prescribed to it, then, my advice is to talk to your OBGYN about it, and they can tell what the best thing to would be. My friend is in her 8th month and around her 6th month she started smoking again, and a few weeks ago she finally asked her doctor what she should do. He told her that she should gradually cut down but not to quit cold turkey because then the baby would fiend for it. If your not prescribed to it, then I would advice you do that because if they find drugs in your baby's system when it is born, then, they will take it away from you. I advice gradually quitting not just for your sake but for especially for the baby's. ANOTHER ANSWERVICODIN (hydrocodone + acetaminophen [Tylenol]) is an OPIOID (narcotic) painkiller. Either ingredient can cause problems for your baby. What ever drug you take while pregnant also goes to your baby. High doses of even Tylenol can cause problems for the fetus, as well as the narcotic. Your baby can be born addicted to the narcotic. It is DANGEROUS to take ANY drug while pregnant, especially narcotics. If you can't talk to your doctor about it, you should start weaning yourself off of Vicodin NOW. DO NOT stop all at once. Slowly decrease what you take, little by little until you are off of it all together. If you CARE about your BABY you will (and can) do this. PLEASE, for your baby, get off of Vicodin. You CAN do it. Good Luck. <<>>
2011-09-13 18:31:21
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