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255 characters not sure

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Q: Windows 95 supports up to how many characters in it extended files?
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What movie interface is best used with Vista Media Center?

Vista Media Center supports Windows Media files which are .wm, .asf. Also supports Windows Media Video files such as .wmv. Windows video files in .avi format are also supported. The .mpeg, .mpg, .mpe, .m1v, .mp2, and .mpv2 movie files are all supported.

How do you remove duplicate files windows vista32?

Use a good duplicate finder that supports Vista. There's plenty of choice.

how do I take data from windows vista to microsoft word?

Windows Vista supports Microsoft Office documents and most audio files. .... "Word" to start Microsoft Word, "Mail" to open Windows Mail

How many characters can a folder name contain?

windows files can have up to 256 characters. they can be letters, numbers, nad spaces. no symbols. they can be in uppercase or lowercase

Does Windows ME have to be removed before installing Windows XP?

No. Windows XP supports upgrading in-place from Windows ME. However, a clean install is usually recommended, since it can help avoid errors in the conversion process and leaving unneeded files behind.

What windows program stores files?

The program used to store files on windows is called: Windows Explorer.

What is the best software for photo organizing?

Windows Live Photo Gallery 2011. You can group photos, apply effects, it supports RAW files, etc.

What are the bootable files in Windows XP?

explan your bootable files in windows xp?

Where do you boot files in the Windows 95?

The boot files are in C://Windows/system32

The Windows Registry that comes with the program Windows for computers is used for what purpose?

Initially, the Windows Registry stored configuration information for components of the system. Later on, the Registry was extended to tidy up the profusion of INI files that had previously been used.

FAT32 supports compression of individual files and folders?

FAT32 supports compression of an entire logical drive but not compression of individual files or folders.

What is the location of major system files in Windows XP?

Most of the important Windows files are located in C:\Windows\System32

List of boot files in Windows XP OS?

the three files in booting files in windows xp boot.ini ntldr and

How do you get back missing files in windows update?

You have to use windows restore cd, to repair such files.

What files are essential for running windows?

All the files under C:\Windows, which is what contains the OS.

Is windows case sensitive or case insensitive?

The NTFS file system is case sensitive, but most file tools on Windows are not, and will not allow the creation of two files with the same characters in different case.

What are some of the differences between programming at the command line for DOS vs command line in Windows?

DOS is a older Windows OS (behind Windows 95). Command Prompt is in all Windows OS (Windows 95 to Windows 7) DOS only supports FAT file systems DOS can't CD to files with spaces in the address line DOS only supports OLD PC systems (anything that can run Windows 95 is to "new") That is all that I know, as I code in C++

Why nokia n97 not supporting exe files?

because n97 supports .sis files

Is Nokia 2690 supports sis files? will support only .jar files....

By default how are files displayed in the Windows Explorer?

By default the tile view files are displayed in the Windows Explorer

What kind of files are essential files necessary for running windows?

system files.

What are booting files of Windows XP and Windows 7?

The following booting files are required to start Windows XP: NTLDR, Boot.ini, and The following files are optional when starting Windows XP: Ntbootdd.sys and Bootsect.dos. The following files are required to start Windows 7/Vista: Bootmgr (Windows Boot Manager) and BCD (Boot Configuration Data).

Is it more important to back up Windows system files or data files?

I would think data files, simply because you can always reinstall Windows system files

Why can i not upload videos to YouTube?

As I know, these are the files youtube supports: Windows Media Video (.WMV) .3GP (cell phones) .AVI (windows) .MOV (mac) .MP4 (ipod/psp) .MPEG .FLV (adobe flash) .MKV (h.264) 1. Your files` format is not the above. 2. Your files is larger than youtube allowed. 3. Your net is not soon quick.

Which wild card character is used to replace several unknown characters when searching for files on a Windows system?