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Forward if on the legs, arms, or torso. Inward (toward center of body) if on the chest or back.

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Which way should an elephant face on a chest tattoo?

Either way

What way should the needle's loop hole face on a tattoo machine?

it is like a vibrating needle :3

Which way should elephant face?

i believe the trunk should face the door of your house

Which way should the face of a tattoo face?

If you are thinking about people and faces, they should always face forwards or inwards. So a cameo portrait on the arm should look to the front, a cameo portrait on the chest should look inwards. Same with things like Sacred Hearts etc. Never let them put something on that faces the rear or outwards as it drives us professionals mental and annoys us aesthetically

When putting ribbon bar on the left witch way does the combat action ribbon face?

Blue towards the heart.

How do you spell witch the question way?

The correct spelling is which. For example: Which way should I go?The spelling "witch" is a person (traditionally a woman) who casts spells or uses magic.

What way should your house face?


What does the elephant with trunk down tattoo mean?

I think it's mainly a way of saying "I really wanted a tattoo of an elephant. Trunk? Yeah, it should have a trunk. What about it?"

How many layers of skin should a tattoo go?

It should go all the way to the dermis! Which is the second layer of skin.

What tattoo should a wife get to let men know she is available?

If she is married, she is not available. A tattoo is not the best way to tell men things. She should get a divorce and then start going to places where there are single people and meet them.

Black cat tattoo?

Many people get tattoos of black cats because of the symbolism. It may be that they like spooky things, or they are laughing in the face of bad luck. Either way, they are a common subject for tattoo artists.

Is this a good way to ask someone to prom?

not really you should do it face to face or by email

How should a boy talk to you on the phone?

The same way he talks to you face-to-face. And politely.

What tattoos symbolize optimism?

Get a tattoo on your face that makes it look like a giant smiley face, even when you're mad. It's the best way to make a fight turn into a LOL-fest.

How do you spell witch another way?


Is there any way to get rid of a tattoo?

I belive that only lazor removal is the only way to remove a tattoo.

Can a witch stop being a witch?

It depends witch way this witch will begin to stop witching.

Should a tattoo of a koi fish swim up or down your arm?

well it should swin both way b.cuzzz fish cann siwn up or down. The tattoo rlly has to do with jordain sparks b.c of he or it will be in her heart like a tattoo as if a tattoo of a fish would in you arm. if your young wen you get old and rott it will like a fishyy. =] haha provin true.

How old is Paola Andino from every witch way?

every witch way emma

What is the best way to conceal a tattoo?

You need to rephrase the question and sate where the tattoo is.

What are the release dates for Tattoo Nightmares - 2012 Branding Is No Way to Tattoo 2-19?

Tattoo Nightmares - 2012 Branding Is No Way to Tattoo 2-19 was released on: USA: 24 September 2013

How can you describe a witch?

you can describe a witch by there looks by the way they act

Which way round do you put seals on brake master for ford bantam?

witch way do you put seals on brake master for a ford bantam The cup(s) usually face into the bore.

Is Gerard Way's tattoo fake?

Gerard Way does not have a tattoo. He is deathly afraid of needles.

Does the way a gun points on a tattoo have any significant meaning?

Only to the person who has the tattoo.