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With 15 HP electricity power how much of a capacitor bank can be used?

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Answer This question makes no sense. Please clarify and check your terminology.


With 15 HP of power it would be worth having a capacitor bank to correct the power factor if:

(i) your load contains a large percentage of appliances with a poor power factor e.g. induction motors


(ii) your power company is loading the charge for your kWh usage because of your poor power factor.

If those two items don't apply to you, it isn't worth it.

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How many current drawn in 400 kvar capacitor bank?

It depends upon at how much voltage level 400 kvar capacitor bank is used.

How do you calculate kvar of capacitor bank?

Your question is rather vague. Are you asking how do you determine the reactive power of a capacitor bank necessary to improve the power factor of a load (in which case, is it a single-phase or a three-phase load), or are you asking how to convert a capacitor bank's capacitance into reactive power?If the former, then you need to know the reactive power of the load before power factor-improvement, and the resulting reactive power after power-factor improvement, and the difference between these two will tell you how much reactive power you need to add in the form of capacitors.

How much electricity was required to energize the flux capacitor IN Back to the Future?

1.21 Gigawatts

How much power can solar panels hold when there's no sunlight?

Solar panels do not hold power they convert sunlight to electricity. This is stored in batteries or capacitors. The amount would depend on the rating of the capacitor or battery.

Why the flash of a camera is commonly powered by a capacitor?

Camera flashes use a capacitor because a capacitor can dump a lot of electrical energy very quickly. Much faster than a battery. That's how to produce a quick flash by using a capacitor that suddenly discharges the electricity.

How much kvar capacitor bank installed for 2000 kva transformer?

It depends on the power factor of the load, but for a load power factor of 0.7 on a 2000 kVA transformer the real power and reactive power are both 1400 kilo (watts and VAR). So a 1400 kVAR capacitor on the load would restore the power factor to 1, allowing 2000 kW to be drawn instead of only 1400 kW.

How much power of capacitor bank have to install for 100KVA?

If you want 100kVAR from a capacitor bank, you must install a 100kVAR capacitor bank. If what you're asking is related to how much capacitance it will take to offset a poor power factor, it is directly related to your load, and cannot be answered without more details - for power factor correction, you don't want to over correct (you would be buying too much equipment, and it could actually make your power factor look worse), so load profiles must be taken into account. Can the capacitors be switched on automatically, or must they be manually switched? What voltage level? The best way to determine this is to discuss with your local power company. They usually have people on staff that analyze this sort of thing on a regular basis, and if they don't, they could at least point you in the right direction.

How does a capacitor respond to direct current?

A capacitor works by charging up with electricity in a certain amount of time. During this time, DC electrical current flows through the capacitor. But when it is charged as much as it can be, the dc electrical current stops flowing.

How much electricity is produced by nuclear power?

1.7% of Pakistan electricity is produced by nuclear power stations

When should you put a capacitor in your car?

When a stereo system drains too much battery power, it is time to add a capacitor. The capacitor will not increase the battery, but instead will modulate it allowing for additional stereo usage.

Why is there a C in the equation for a discharging capacitor?

The C represents the capacitance (in farads) of the capacitor. It is a measure of how much charge a capacitor can hold. This is needed to know how much energy the capacitor is holding.

What is the function of a capacitor in a fluorescent light fitting?

A capacitor is used to improve the power factor of the lamp.More detailsTo prevent the lamp from taking too much current a fluorescent lamp has to have a choke, which has magnetic inductance. The inductance has a negative impact on the power factor of the (the ratio between apparent power and real power taken by the lamp) - i.e. the power factor is reduced - so a capacitor is used to compensate for the inductance by improving the power factor so that it is closer to the ideal value of 1.Basically the inductor with the capacitor smooths out the voltage or current.

How much electricity does a coal power station supply?

it depends on how big the power station is

How much electricity in the UK is generated by water power?


Measure of how much electricity a power source can provide?


How much electricity does it take to power a nook?

it takes nothing

How much electricity can be saved when using tidal power?


How can you store a different amount of charge in a capacitor?

Power = V*I Power = (V) * (C*dV/dt) To store more / less power / charge, charge the capacitor with a greater / smaller voltage (make sure the cap is rated for at least as much as the voltage you are charging from, though).

How much to replace blower and capacitor on carrier 48gs030?

How much to replace blower and capacitor on carrier 48gs030?

How much does the electricity from a power station cost?

Suggest you ask your electricity company-it must depend on which area you live in.

You build up static electricity in your body?

Yes, the body is a natural capacitor. Therefore, it builds up static charges. Not much else to say about it, really.

How much power in one farad?

The&aelig; definition of farad is as follows; SI unit of capacitance, formally defined to be the capacitance of a capacitor between the plates of which&aelig;there appears a potential difference of one volt when it is charged by a quantity of electricity equal to one coulomb.

How much electricity is needed to power every home in Canada?

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How much electricity does an xbox 360 use?

the power block is 203w

How much of the us electricity comes from hydroelectric power plants?

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