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If it's a HEI system you probably have some kind of problem with the control module. If it's an older engine using points I'd look first at the points and condenser.

The resistor is only used when the engine is running. The starter shunts full voltage to the coil during startup to provide a little extra spark. In effect the starter bypasses the resistor for you, or at least that's the plan. Verify that the starter is doing that before you spend too much effort on anything else.

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What are symptoms of a bad ignition coil?

A bad ignition coil will cause your engine not to have any spark. Without any spark the engine cannot start or run.

Could you inform me about ignition coils?

An ignition coil is an coil that is used to change the volts in a battery to ignite the spark in the spark plug. This is necessary to get the engine to start up and the car to run.

What do you do when you turn the ignition key on to start on a 1984 Mercury Capri 5.0 but it does not stay running when the ignition is brought back to the run position?

replace the balist resister replace the balist resister

Why will the engine turn over but not start in a 1996 Ford Taurus?

Common reasons for a 1996 Ford Taurus engine that turns over won't start are a faulty compressor or ignition. The engine may not be able to compress the air/gas mixture well enough for it to burn when the spark fires or the ignition may be unable to produce the spark required to start the combustion process.

How does a diesel engine start?

A diesel engine has no spark plugs. Because the air is so compressed and hot at the top of the stroke, the fuel ignites right away when it is injected. This is why a diesel engine is called a "Compression Ignition" engine and gasoline engines are called "Spark Ignition" engine. This also means that there are no ignition breakers, ignition coils, distributors and ignition wires to go bad. This allows diesel engines to start no matter if it is dry or rainy and wet. The immense compression creates the heat that ignites the fuel. On cold days a glow plug may be necessary to heat the combustion chamber enough to start the engine.

What if your engine cranks but won't start what should you do?

check for spark at plugs,coil.check you are getting fuel check ignition condensor

Why does the car start but not run?

In answering the question, "Why does a car start, but not run?", I have no information on year or make. If the car has a 12 volt system and is a pre-computer model, a likely answer would be due to a faulty ballast resister in the ignition system. The ballast resister is wired to the positive side of the ignition coil. When the engine is cranking, full battery voltage is applied to the coil primary winding to provide the hottest possible spark for the plugs. Once the engine begins to run, voltage is applied to the ballast side of the resistor, reducing applied voltage to the primary circuit, thus prolonging life of coil and distributor points. This explains why the engine will start but cut off as soon as the key is returned to the run position. To prove the diagnosis, a simple trick is to run a small jumper wire from the positive terminal of the battery to the plus side of the ignition coil. If the engine starts and continues to run, the ballast resister needs to be replaced.

Why does a 2.2LSunfire not start after the engine is hot?

the two most common no start when hot causes are fuel pump in your fuel tank and loss of spark ignition module

1993 Grand Am engine cranks but does not start No spark No power to instrument panel gauges when key is in the on position?

ignition starter switch

92 geo storm engine cranks no spark?

Check the ignition circuit in the Storm. Start by checking the crank position sensor, then the coil pack to find the lack of spark.

91 Dakota engine turns but will not start I changed the spark plugs ignition coil distributor cap and the fuel filter. And it still will not start.?

Check to see if it getting spark/fuel Check rotor

Why twin spark is used only in petrol engine?

Diesel engines do not use spark plugs to ignite the fuel. Instead they use the actual compression of the piston to ignite the fuel. To start a diesel engine a glow-plug is used, once the engine has started the compression causes the ignition. As a results of this diesel engine blocks are heavier to take the force of the ignition

What would make a 1968 mustang have a no start?

You could be out of gas or not getting fuel to the engine, or you could have an ignition problem. To check for spark to the spark plugs - remove one of the wires from one of the spark plugs, then put a large paperclip in the wire and hold it just above the engine where you can see the spark jump (I would hold the plug wire with a pair of rubber coated pliers), crank over the engine - if you do not get ny spark then you have an ignition problem. Check the ignition points under the distributor cap, they may need to be set to the proper gap.

How do i determine whether it is an ignition problem or fuel problem when my starter turns the engine but doesnt start?

Remove a spark plug (any one will do), and lay it somewhere on the engine where you or a buddy can see it (not near that puddle of gasoline, though, thank you very much). Crank the engine. If you see a nice bright spark (believe me, you won't miss it if it's there) then you have a fuel delivery problem. If you see no spark, you have an ignition problem. Be sure to replace the spark plug after this test.

Why won't your 1997 Toyota 4 Runner start?

If it does not start it is missing either spark, fuel under the proper pressure , compression or the timing of the ignition or the camshafts are incorrect. Start by determining what is present, check for spark, proper fuel pressure, engine compression.

Which engine has highest compression ratio?

the diesel engine. it takes one ignition to start, then it runs off of (autoignition) ignition from heat caused by high compression. compression ignition (autoignition) causes ignition to happen a little earlier than spark ignition engines (gas engines) which is less vulnerable to risk of engine knocking or wasted power when dealing with high compression. -maddmatt

How do you know if a cylinder is not firing?

if a cylinder is not firing there will be no spark at the spark plug. Carefully twist as you pull the ignition wire out and start the engine. when the wire gets close to the spark plug you should see an arc. This means the cylinder is firing

Why wont my Pontiac 6000le start i am getting spark to the spark plugs and i am getting fuel to the carburetor but my car still wont start when my car was running the check engine light stayed on?

check the ignition module, it's in or around the rotor

79 camaro with a 327 engine that doesn't wan to start i change the starter and spark plugs. and it doesn't start it look like it wan to start but the engine gose around and nothing?

make sure your getting spark at the plugs when your turning it over and if your not it might have blown the ignition control module inside the distriburetor.

What are symptoms of a ignition coil?

A bad ignition coil normally won't allow your engine to start given there is no spark. If it is starting to go bad, it causes misfiring which can be noticed as a stutter, or random shake of the engine. Check the ground of the coil before replacing it.

Why would a ford 292 engine fire but not run?

If it is a points type ignition, and it will start, then die immediately, I would first check the ballast resister. If it checks out, then the condenser would be my next item to try replacing.

Engine wont start no spark to coil?

Recently had same experience with my dodge and escort. in the escort it was the distributor and the dodge was the brainAnswerCheck your ignition module in your distributor that is a good place to start.

My car won't start and battery is good, may it need an engine repair?

Often when a car won't start the solution is simple. The battery is only one small fraction of what aids to the spark of a motor. Before worrying over the entire engine you should first check the alternator, distributor, ignition, spark plugs and spark plug wires.

Why my Corvette will not start after flushing out the engine block?

wet ignition need to know the year but if the distributor is the opti spark syst a cup of water will cripple this system

Which item is not a component of the ignition system control module starter solenoid coil spark plug?

Control Module depending on type controls the engine functions, transmission, ignition, etc. (test does not specify "Ignition Control Module")Starter solenoid would be the most likely choice because on older vehicles with points ignition, the solenoid has a Resistor (Run) post for and an Ignition (Start) post, but now we don't need resistors, but it still has to do with ignition!Coil supplies voltage to the spark plugs = ignition again.Spark plug creates the gap for the spark that the fuel needs to ignite, ignite = ignition.