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Any other places the hot water is dirty? It most likely isn't the jacuzzi. The jets and pumps can be cleaned with a low sudsing soap (about a tablespoon or so of dishwasher powders) in the water and let the jets run for about 15 minutes. The most likely problem is the hot water heater. They last longer if they are drained once a year, this won't take long and it removed the setable solids from the tank. If you have had Plumbing work done lately this can stir up the rust and residue in the pipes. This can be removed just by letting the water run for a bit flushing it out.

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Probably nothing wrong with the toilet. It is more likely that your pipes are full of rust or mineral deposits.

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Any kind of filtration unit would be good it depends on whats wrong with the water. Thanks!

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There are many things that can be wrong with the jets on your Jacuzzi. One common problem that you can fix is bleeding the lines to the jets. Another reason why the jets may not be working is because the circuit breaker is tripped.

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dirty injectors

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It could be, a dead battery, loose or dirty battery connections, a faulty starter,

What is better to water house plants purified water tap water from a well or city water?

It is best to use city water as well water could be dirty. Well water does have natural minerals though and I believe city water is recycled and has certain chemicals in it.(please do tell me if I am wrong though.)anyway I believe well water is better but you should have it tested (certain underground water has worse poisons)

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The wrong anti-freeze could cause the water to freeze in the engine. The wrong anti-freeze could cause abnormal corrosion in the radiator.

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Could be many things but a dirty or worn EGR valve could be responsible.

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Could be clutches or fuel. Make sure carbs are clean. Most problems come from dirty carbs.

What could be wrong when there is no hot water but the hot water tank seems to be working?

air lock in hot water pipe

Which companies supply jacuzzi spas?

This question depends on where the one asking the question is located. Jacuzzi spas may be purchased from independent retailers in your local area. They will be able to give you advice based on ground conditions and will also be accessible to you should something go wrong.

How many people in Africa die because of dehydration everyday?

About five thousand children in Africa die from dehydration or dirty water-related diseases each day. We, as Americans, can greatly help this horrible wrong by funding fresh water wells in villages and "Biosand" filters in places that only has access to dirty water.

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d:drive is it this CD ROM or floopy could be dirty try some air cleaner..

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Its a loss in water pressure to the shower.