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Q: Women fighting to end slavery and gained right to vote formed what movement?
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Disadvantaged Americans have generally gained their rights?

The abolition movement

What was the result of fighting in the west during the American Revolution?

Fighting in the West and South affected the course of the Revolutionary War. It affected the course of the Revolutionary War because it made different people side with the Americans, and different people side with the British. It also gave both sides of the war a lot of victories. The fighting in the West and South gained Spain's trust to the Americans. Now Bernardo de Galvez sided with the Americans and declared war on Britain. The Americans also gained new and different leaders, which helped with more victories in the South. Overall, fighting in the West and South greatly affected the course of the Revolutionary War.

Why was the American Revolution important to early American history?

The American Revolution is important because it freed Americans from Britain. We gained our freedom by fighting and although the British still acted like they owned us for some time after the war, we eventually gained full freedom.

What caused the Lincoln-Douglas debate?

For the most part, the five Lincoln-Douglas debates in 1858 centered around the issue of slavery. Lincoln, who although was well known in Illinois, gained national attention as Douglas was a famous politician with a national reputation. Newspaper coverage was extensive.

Where did David Wilmot of Pennsylvania submitted a proposal to Congress that would have outlawed slavery?

David Wilmot submitted an amendment to a bill in the House of Representatives in 1846. The Wilmot Proviso would have outlawed slavery only in the territories gained in the war with Mexico. It passed, but the Senate adjourned without voting on it. He tried again in 1847 and again it passed, but the Senate then passed their own version of the bill without the amendment. It never became law.

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When and how did a movement against slavery begin?

The movement against slavery in the United States began in the early nineteenth century and gained strength until slavery was abolished in 1865. It was known as the abolitionist movement.

What development during the 1830s was aimed at ending slavery?

The abolitionist movement gained momentum in the 1830s, with organizations like the American Anti-Slavery Society formed to work towards the end of slavery. The publication of anti-slavery literature, such as "The Liberator" by William Lloyd Garrison, also played a significant role in raising awareness and promoting the cause.

What is a true statements of the abolition movement?

The abolition movement sought to end the institution of slavery in the United States. It was led by individuals and groups who believed that slavery was morally wrong and violated principles of equality and human rights. The movement gained momentum in the 19th century and ultimately resulted in the abolition of slavery through the 13th Amendment to the Constitution in 1865.

After the revolution the practice of slavery was what?

After the revolution, the practice of slavery began to be abolished in various states, leading to the gradual end of slavery in the United States by the mid-19th century. The abolitionist movement gained momentum, culminating in the Emancipation Proclamation in 1863 and the 13th Amendment in 1865 which formally ended slavery nationwide.

What was the plan to ban slavery in territories gained from Mexico?

New Mexico is a state and no territory was gained from them.

What did Frederick Douglass do after the war?

he keep fighting for African Americans rights lol <3

Explain how the Republican Party formed and how it gained strength so quickly.?

The Republican party was formed on March 20, 1854, by anti-slavery Whigs who met in the upper Midwestern states to discuss the formation of a new party. The Republican party gained strength very quickly, as many people blamed the Kansas Border wars on the Democrats.

How did Americans challenge the idea of slavery?

Through the Abolitionist movement, which steadily gained strength in the years before the Civil War. It is not true, however, that the North went to war in order to end slavery. It was to stop the spread of slavery into the South Western states. Lincoln later turned it into a war on slavery, in order to keep the British from helping the Confederates (which they could not have done without looking pro-slavery.)

What controversy was reignited by the war with Mexico?

Slavery in gained territories.

What was the Anti slavery reform?

The anti-slavery reform was a movement in the 19th century that sought to abolish slavery and the slave trade. It was led by individuals and organizations that believed in the immorality and injustice of slavery, and worked towards its eradication through political, social, and legal means. The movement gained momentum globally and ultimately led to the outlawing of slavery in many countries.

What statements is true about the abolition movement?

The abolition movement sought to end the practice of slavery in the United States. It was a significant social and political movement that gained momentum in the 19th century. The movement was led by both white and black activists who advocated for the freedom and equality of all individuals.

How did the Turks respond to the Allied takeover of the Ottoman Empire afterWorld War I?

They organized a resistance movement and gained independence from the allies