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The abolition movement

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Q: Disadvantaged Americans have generally gained their rights?
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Southerners who gained equal rights through the civil rights act of 1866?

African Americans

What did Jim crow laws made legal in many states?

africans americans againts civil war

When African Americans gained the right to vote how did they become involved in politics?

The African Americans won the civil rights movement by strikes,marches, and presidents and congress passing laws and giving them their rights at a time. Also Abraham Lincoln began the civil rights war and signing the freedom rights amendment.

How African Americans women gained the right to vote?

The civil rights laws and voting rights laws gave African Americans the voting rights in 1965. This was a hundred years after the civil war amendments and 45 years after women got the rights to vote.

Black people had rights in which year?

In 1964 is when black people had rights. (Actually, black people gained their freedom and their status as Americans with the 13th and 14th amendment and black men gained the right to vote with the 15th amendment. Brown vs. The Board of Education declared separate but equal null and void, but prior to that African-Americans had the basic rights of the white man. But it was racism and prejudice that kept these people from exercising their rights freely.)

What happened when former Confederate leaders gained under Johnson's plan for reconstruction?

They passed black codes to limit African Americans' rights.

What happened when confederate leaders gained power under Johnson's plan for reconstruction?

They passed black codes to limit African Americans' rights.

Why were African American in new England in the early 1800s allowed to vote?

No. African Americans and women were not allowed to vote. Women gained the right in 1920 and African Americans in 1867, but it wasn't until a 100 years later that they fully gained voting rights due to "Jim Crow" laws.

Were there any rights gained in the parliament?


Was African Americans treated fairly after the civil war?

No. For most, it took about another hundred years or so. That depends on you definition of "get their civil rights." They certainly gained some civil right immediately following the civil war, as they were no longer slaves, however it was many years before they had all of the civil liberties that whites could enjoy.

What did blanch k Bruce do while serving in the senate?

He worked for the rights of African Americans.

What preserved most of the rights of the people gained by the revolution?

The Bill of Rights