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On 30 April 1975, NVA T-54/T-59 tanks crashed through the South Vietnamese Capital's front gates and parked on the front lawn, the South was theirs! The war was over.

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Can you give an example of a simple sentence using the word conclusion?

You can reach a conclusion

What does the word evaluate mean in a science phrase?

To give a short conclusion: analyse what is happening

Give you a sentence with the word hence?

Hence is a word that means "from this point forward." You could also use the alternate word therefore. It is a conclusion word, as it connects a point to a conclusion. "There are no clouds in the sky, hence there will be lovely weather for picnicking." "She had worked hard all week, hence she expected a paycheck."

Industrial development in India-conclusion?

please give me some conclusion on politics and public administration

How do you write a science fair conclusion?

In your conclusion you have to give a brief overview of the project, results, and your final conclusion.

Why do you need a scientific conclusion?

You need a scientific conclusion to sum up everything that you have done and in the conclusion it will also give the answer.

What are the conclusion of the human behavior of the church?

give me a long conclusion about human behavior?

If Biuret and Millon's test give positive result what is the conclusion?

The conclusion is that the sample contain proteins.

Can you give me a conclusion on the solubility curve of potassium nitrate?

whats the conclusion of solibility of potassium nitrate

What word means giving up something to reach an agreement?

When both sides give up something in order to reach a conclusion they have compromised

Can you give a conclusion about Norway?

Huh? It is Scandinavian?

Can you give an example of a disyllabic word?

above,beauty,final,gallop,limit,impose,sailor,candle are the examples of disyllabic words

Can you give me few examples of using draw a conclusion in a science sentence?

He could not draw a conclusion on the basis of conversation. This is an example using the phrase draw a conclusion.

Give conclusion for an essay about modern technology?


What will be the conclusion of atomic theory for project of isc?

Atoms will go further when we study about those. We cannot give any conclusion for this. But, we must give a temporary conclusion. That is atoms play a key role in the universe it is needed t0 experiment on those.

What is the conclusion of the poem to the virgin marry the Rizal poem?

what is the conclusion of the poem of "to the virgin marry" the Rizal poem? can you give the conclusion of the poem "to the virgin marry" by Jose Rizal?

Can you give 10 exapmle sentences using the word exceed?

I will exceed the speed limit. Giving 10 examples might exceed my patience.

Can you give a conclusion on landslides project?

WikiAnswers cannot write your conclusion for you - that would be cheating, in any case, and we don't do that on this site. Your conclusion must be a summary of what you've already written in your report, so you must do it yourself. Just give a few sentences paraphrasing what you've said in the rest of the report, and that's a conclusion.

What is the conclusion when we promoting domestic tourism?

WikiAnswers cannot write your conclusion for you. The conclusion is based on what you have already said in your essay or speech, therefore only you can write it. You need to give a short summary of what you've said, and that's your conclusion.

What reasons does the author give for his conclusion in throw and tell?

interest you

Can you give me some sentences using the word draw conclusions?

The FBI had to draw a conclusion at the crime scene yesterday, when that lady"s head got blown off.

Can you give a sentemce using the word stolid?

Ever a stolid man, Ronald sat expressionless and silent as the jury foreman read the guilty verdict at the conclusion of his trial.

What is the most a person or company can donate to a presidential campaign?

Contribution Limits 2009-10: ? To each candidate or candidate committee per election To national party committee per calendar year To state, district & local party committee per calendar year To any other political committee per calendar year Special Limits Individualmay give $2,400 $30,400 $10,000(combined limit) $5,000$115,500 overall biennial limit:$45,600 to all candidates$69,900 to all PACs and partiesNational Party Committeemay give $5,000 No limit No limit $5,000 $42,600 to Senate candidate per campaign State, District & LocalParty Committeemay give $5,000(combined limit) No limit No limit $5,000(combined limit) No limit PAC(multicandidate)may give $5,000 $15,000 $5,000(combined limit) $5,000 No limit PAC(not multicandidate)may give $2,400 $30,400 $10,000(combined limit) $5,000 No limit Authorized Campaign Committee may give $2,000 No limit No limit $5,000 No limit

Can you give me a sentence using the word protest?

"There were frequent protests against the Vietnam war during the 60s and 70s." Or "He protested his innocence, saying he had been framed."

How many sentences are in a conclusion?

There's no rule and it is impossible to give a number.