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Q: Words used to describe the parachute man?
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What Words are used to describe the parachute man in the Lord of the flies?

The parachutist is described as "figure dropping swiftly beneath a parachute, a figure hung with dangling limbs.โ€ The author describes the parachutist as "held by a complication of lines." Later, the parachutist is described as "corpulent" and "ungainly." The parachute man is seen by the boys as a living thing and as a representation of the "beast," and to the reader, it symbolizes the adult world that still exists off of the island.

Who would fall faster a man with a small parachute or a man with a large parachute?

The man with a small parachute will fall faster.

What words describe a handsome man?

The word 'handsome' is an adjective used to describe a man.Other adjectives are:appealingattractivedelightfulgood-lookingmanlymasculinephotogenicpleasingsexystriking

Can you put the word parachute in a sentence?

The man jumped out of a plane using a parachute so he would fall safely to the ground. We used a parachute so we could land safely on ground.

How do you use parachute in a sentence?

The man jumped out of a plane using a parachute . *-*

Words to describe dr Abdul kalam?

he was a spiritual man , who used to find logic in every question he was very tolerant and a humble man.

What are some words that describe a gingerbread man?


Words to describe Alexander Hamilton?

Alexander Hamilton was a educated and upstanding man. Other words to describe the man include integrity, honorable, level-headed, practical, and principled.

What 2 rhyming words describe a timid man?

shy guy

What Words best describe Pip's reaction to the man?

courteous but puzzled A+

How do you describe a sunset to a blind man?

If the blind man has never seen a sunset or colors, it may be hard to describe it. Use words to describe the rays of the sun, or create a diagram that can be felt.

Who invented the first parachute?

a man named somebody

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