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Words with the letters ch that sound like sh?

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Some of the more common words beginning in ch that say /sh/: chagrin chaise chalet champagne chambray chamois chandelier chapeau chaparral chaperone charade charlatan Charlotte chauffeur chauvinist chef chemise chevron Chicago chiffon chivalry chute Words that contain ch saying /sh/ brochure cache crochet machine Michigan moustache parachute

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Words with the letters ch that sound like c?

ache Christmas

What easy words have ch that sounds like k and sh?

Easy words with ch that sound like K:chiorchoruscharacterEasy words with ch that sound like SH:chutechefcrochetmachineparachute

What word has 4 letters but is pronounced like one letter?

Ache. If you include the ~ch~ sound it will sound like ~h~.

What letters are silent in the word yacht?

the letters are the ch sound

What words start with a ch but sound like ts?


Why does the ch sound like k?

/k/ spelled chRule: ch sounds like /k/ in words of Greek origin:chorus, Christmas

Words that end with tch?

Well,when the letter t meets the letters ch they make a new sound tch.Some words end with tch like in catch watch hatch crutch.

How do you pronounce Barachiel?

The "ch" is a hard rasping sound, like the same two letters in Dutch. Other than that, the letters "a" are said like the "a" in "father," and the "i" and "e" are separate syllables.

What action words start with ch?

Charge, chase and choose are action words. They begin with the letters CH.

What is the Welsh for 'Chinese'?

Tseineg. Welsh doesn't have an equivalent sound for "ch" -- the letters ch in Welsh form a kh sound or something like the Scottish loch. So you sort of mimic the ch in Chinese with ts. Pronounced in Welsh it sounds more like "tsai-neg".

How do you pronounce du bist dämlich?

the ä-sound is pronounced similar to the a- sound in English words like dare and airthe ch-sound is pronounced similar to the h-sound in English words like huge, humanDo bist dare'm'lich

Which words start with ch as in chef?

Cheap, checkers, cheers and check start with the letters CH. Additional words that begin with CH are chain, chair and chalet.

What were the letters that were taken away from the spanish letters?

The were really no letters taken away. For dictionary purposes, "ch" and "rr" are not classifed as separate characters. In other words, modern dictionaries don´t have a "ch" section. However, the "ch" sound is unchanged, and in fact many current Spanish language classess still teach it as a separate letter. "rr" is not a problem in this regard, since no Spanish words begin with "rr".

Ch words that sound like the sound k?

chord, chorus, chemist, chemistry, christmas, stomach, ache, anchor, scheme, schedule,

What words end with ch make a k sound?

Sometimes words like "loch" which are supposed to end with an aspirated velar sound, are pronounced with an unaspirated k sound instead. But the best examples are words with Greek roots, especially words with the suffix -arch, like tetrarch or monarch.

Words ending ch sound like k?

Here are some words:•Stomach•Patriarch•Monarch•Plutarch•Matriarch•Oligarch•Enoch

What are some words that end with the letters CH?

Ranch, french, bench

What five letter sounds like six letter word when pronounced?

Cello is a five letter word that sounds like six letters when pronounced. The letter c is pronounced ch to make the word sound like six letters.

What are some adjectives that begin with the letters CH?

Look in a dictionary under the letters ch to find words categorized as adjectives such as cheeky, cheesy, chosen, chinese, chafing...

Words with the letter t that sound like ch?

tune tuna (depends on how you say it) tuned tuning itunes

How is the CH digraph pronounced?

The "CH" is a consonant digraph and it pronounces like a J but in a voiceless tone. The examples are chair, chain, chat, chart, chin, chop, church, change, etc. This is a pretty common CH pronunciation. However, sometimes, the CH remains the C sound like character, chemical, chaos, ache, chrome, etc. Typically, when the C is followed by an E, I or Y, then it'll become a soft C which sounds like an S. However, if we wanted the C to be hard but the following letters would soften the C, then that's when the CH remains the C sound like chemical, orchid, orchestra, etc. These words might sounds like it makes a voiceless J sound, but that's exceptional due to these reasons. If these words didn't have an H, then the C might soften as we can see what's the following letter, which we don't expect in these words as it'll sound odd. Sometimes, if the following letter would soften the C but we want the hard C, we can use a K instead like kid, kind, king, kill, kiss, keen, kite, keep, etc. This is a pretty tricky pronunciation because if we see a CH, there's no visible clue and it's quite a hidden clue of whether the word originally makes a voiceless J sound or if the word should make a C sound but the following letters would soften, which we can't tell about. If it's about making the F-ending word's plural, then it's easier because there's a clue that it'll be "ves". However, if the CH is followed by an L or R like chlorine, chronology, chrome, chromosome, etc., then that's also when the CH will remain the C sound, then that's a visible clue. However, there are some exceptions that the CH remains a C sound although these reasons weren't applied like character, charisma, anchor, mechanic, school, stomach, tech, etc. In these words, the following letters doesn't soften the C and the CH isn't followed by an L or R, so that's exceptional. Sometimes, there's something called a "soft CH". When the C is followed by an E, I or Y, then the C would soften, which would make an S sound. Soft CH is when the C makes and SH sounds and sometimes, although the CH isn't followed by an E, I nor Y, it might make a soft CH sound like charade, champagne, chute, parachute, chartreuse, etc. which sounds quite unusual and it makes it quite more challenging because when you come up with a CH, it seems like it might make a voiceless J sound or C sound but you might be surprised that it might be a soft CH which makes an SH sound. The examples of soft CH are charade, chute, parachute, chef, Michelle, Michigan, machine, chalet, champagne, chevron, chartreuse, etc.

How do you pronounce the ch sound in Greek?

Like a very hard "K" sound.

How do you pronounce kreplach?

It's a short "e" (like in "fed"); the "a" is like the "a" in "father;" and the "ch" is a rasping sound like the "ch" in the Dutch language.

How do you pronounce ch in french?

As a sh sound. So a name like Charles would sound like sharl.

What words that start with the letters ch?

church chain chin chipmunk chair chetha

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