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Working age for minors?

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What is the legal working age in FL?

The Minimum legal age is Actually 14. But they are very restricted about working hours for minors of the age of 14-17 so watch out and good luck !

What determines if and when minors may act?

Laws govern the conduct and activities of minors. For example, a minor at the age of 16 may apply for working papers to enable an employer to hire a minor. Without the law that governs the working permission for 16 year old minors, there would be problems in trying to work.

Is there a movie called under age minors?

Unaccompanied Minors

What the guidelines for working on minors in sport massage?

There really are no specific guidelines for working on minors that is different in Sports Massage that is different than any massage. The minimum age is generally considered to be 16 or over. If you are working on someone 15 or under, there should be a parent or guardian present during treatment.

Why can t people under the age of 14 work?

Working at the age of 14 is illegal. It is illegal because minors must be protected until they can make their own decisions.

Do you need working permit papers for minors in Florida?

No, Florida does not require that minors have a work permit.

At what age can a minor work in Delaware?

A minor can begin working at the age of fourteen in Delaware. Minors between the ages of fourteen and seventeen will need a work permit in order to work.

Is liquors good to minors?

Liquor is not good for anyone at any age, that includes minors. Minors, additionally, can develop...developmental problems.

Does Yale University have minors?

Not yet. people are working on it

Is there a law preventing kids from working?

(in the US) Every state has child labor laws that set an age below which minors cannot be legally employed for wages.

Why is it so rare for a 14 year old to work?

Labor laws prevent minors from working. The age of 16 is the youngest a person can work with a work permit.

What is a minor when it comes to cyberbullying and you need two or more minors?

Minors are those that are under the legal age of their State and most often it is under the age of 18.

Can minors go to Hollywood undead concerts?

Minors can go to concerts. Under age 14, they need to have an adult with them.

What is the age for corruption of minors?

Anything below 18.

What is the legal age for minors for piercings in MN?

18 years of age =] x18 years of age =] x

What is the age a child can make their own decisions in Pennsylvania?

When they are of legal age and not minors anymore.

How does age discrepancy in relationships cause teen pregnancy?

It doesn't. Minors get pregnant with minors as well, not just when the partner is older.

What is Tesco's policy on selling games to minors?

There are no policies on selling games to minors unless the game is age restricted. A minor can't buy an age restricted game unless they provide a valid legitimation that proves their age.

What is the Florida Curfew law for minors?

What is the age of a minor in florida

Can minors smoke marijauna?

no, it is still illegal regardless of your age

What is minors?

A person under the age of full legal responsibility.

Can minors gamble without parents?

Minors can not gamble, period. The legal gambling age in the US is either 18 or 21, no exceptions.

How many years of age are allowed to be between two people that date when they are minors?

There is no age limit on this.

At what age can a minor work and receive pay in Maryland?

In Maryland minors can start working and receiving pay at age 14 as long as you have a form from your guidance counselor or principal stating that you are 14 or older and that you are able to work hope this answers your question.

Age for working at a dollar general?

On their application, it clearly states you must be 18 years of age or older unless otherwise required by law. So, unless your state requires employers to consider minors for certain job openings, the answer is "18."