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Prior to Pearl Harbor; there was a European War and a war in Asia. Pearl Harbor created a GLOBAL WAR when the US entered it.

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Was Scotland fighting in the world war 2?

Of course.

Is the world a better place than when it was world war 2?

of course

How the course of events went to being a local conflict to a world war?

World War 2

What continent was most of the World War 2 fought in?

Most of World War 2 (but of course not all) was fought in Europe.

What was the course of World War 2?

It depends on what area of World War 2, look at the related links for all the info.

What are the course effects of World War 2?

The course effect of second world war is that people died almost everywhere and it left people in horror.

Was Austria bombed during world war 2?

Of Course it was

Who was the craziest leader of World War 2?

Hitler of course

What world war had less fighting?

world war 2 did of course! honestly how stupid is the person who wrote this question?!

Which monarch was on the throne in world war 2 in England?

King George VI was King of England during the course of World War 2.

Explain how the nazi attitude toward women changed over the course of world war 2?

Explain how the nazi attitude toward women changed over the course of world war 2?

Do Germans play World War 2 video games?

Of course they do

What communications were present in World War 2?

AnswerThe anwer of course is France!

Was Luxembourg involved in World War 2?

Of course it was!! It was on the allies side(:

Who was the leader of USSR before world war 2?

your mom, or course!

Was World War 2 dangerous?

of course it was what the hell do you think dumba$$

Did the government do enough in world war 2?

of course we won didnt we

Who was Germany'sleader during World War 2?

Mr. Hitler of course!

What did the Japanese win in World War 2?

A lot of territory and prisoners but lost the war of course.

Where pearl harbor and World War 2 related?

of course, that's what got America in the war

Were there concentration camps before world war 2?

Of course. If you're asking about Nazi Concentration camps then there were tons starting from World War 1, and up until World War 2 :)

What is the other name of world war?

World War 1 is often also called the Great War. Of course, when it got this name, no one was predicting World War 2.

Which world war was biggest?

World War 2 of course, it was the first to use nuclear weapons and the only War which France was conquered by the Germans completely.

Why do they call world war 2 the air war?

Because it was the first war where aircraft had a decisive, strategic effect on the course of the war.

Where could people hide during world war 2?

underground of course