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Albert Einstein was quite famous, and he seemed to quite enjoy it. Of course, he took it in stride and led a private life, free of pretense.


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being a gretat scientist

As a real human being, Albert Einstein is much more famous than any cartoon character.

Albert Einstein Created the equation for gravity being e=mc2.

The Theory of Relativity E=MC2, and being the smartest man alive at the time

Albert Einstein is known for being the person who described special and general relativity. He is especially known for describing mass-energy equivalence given by E=mc2 in its simplest form.

Einstein emigrated to the US and stayed there.

being the smartest man ever

Einstein was analyzing and determining the theory of relativity.

no no no no who told you that man bluvy ell

Albert einstien faced being a German-Jew during the Holocaust

he contibuted to the comminity by being smart.

he spent his days being Jewish

He had to leave Germany before Hitler would have put him in a camp for being Jewish.

because of his hard work and he was a scientist

einstein is a wise man, and he knows what the world is, humans is an emotional being, and a social animal.

at the mall suit for being so good he got a class in the mall

Yes he was, because he showed people how to being a good sciensist.

Much like any other human being, Albert Einstein believed many things about many subjects. If you wish to enquire into his beliefs, you should ask something more specific.

Albert einstein was an amazingly intelligent man. Normal human beings use about 10% of there brain "Power" but Albert on the other hand used a lot more than the average human being. It has been scientifically studied and scientist say that Albert used about 20% of his brain "Power". But there is someone who used even more than Albert Einstein.

Albert Einstein was expelled from school for not being a good student. He did not has his respect for his authority,neither have much patience while in school .His Teachers felt that other students would not do better if Einstein remained in the school.He also use to act very smart and used to smile in a confident manner even in front of the director of the school.

Yes. He choose his work at the college over being one of many scientist that worked for Einstein.

Being the husband of Queen Victoria

Albert Einstein is regarded as one of the smartest men who ever lived. Historians know that Einstein never took an IQ test, but experts think he had an IQ of 160. Anything over 140 indicates that someone is very smart, but anything over 160 is indicative of being a genius.

Albert Einstein was incredibly intelligent, though there is no objective way of saying whether he was the smartest person in the world. He discovered what he did about physics through mathematical means, which have nothing to do with being psychic. Psychic abilities are not real.

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