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Would Justin Bieber date a girl from Louisiana?


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2010-08-22 17:05:50
2010-08-22 17:05:50

I think he will depending on your age.

He just likes a girl who's nice and has a nice smile.


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probally i hope because i live in Louisiana

Justin Bieber won't date anyone, regardless of religion.

Justin bieber likes to go to his own house if he were on a date

No, Justin Bieber is in a relationship at this time. Justin Bieber would date anyone anywhere if he knew she was the right girl for him.

Justin Bieber has a girlfriend so it is unlikely he would go on a date with someone else.

No. A witch is a woman and henceforth Bieber would not date it. If it were a man, however, he would

Justin bieber said he would date any girl he fell in love with, so yes he would!

Justin bieber would date a girl who can make him laugh and that she is really pretty and that she has gret personality!

Justin Bieber said that if his girl is happy he is happy

If Justin Bieber wanted to, he could. But he probably wouldn't.

Justin would date a swimmer if you could make him laugh.

Justin will DATE ANYONE THAT HE FALLS in love with

Haha...He has really cool hair and fun clothes. He can sing perfectly, I love his songs. I also like his flexibility. He can do a flip! I don't - I would have just landing straight on my bum. If Justin is reading this right now...*blush*.

yes he would Justin bieber would date anyone that he falls in love with.

Justin Bieber has said in MANY interviews he WOULD date a fan. It has not happened yet but he said he would date who ever he falls in love with!

No. Then, why would he date her?

I think Justin Bieber would date any girl that he wants to no matter what. (As long as she says yes)

will Justin bieber date me if I'm 10 or 9 and if he wouldn't would he be my friend

Probably but I doubt she would date him.

He would Date Any Sweet girl!

Justin Bieber did not date his video girl.

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