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did he ever have sex with Beth phoniex

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Q: Would Matt hardy have a kid by Beth phoneix?
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Are Jeff hardy and Matt hardy single?

Matt is lookin for the right woman Jeff is still dating Beth(not Beth Phoenix) for a while now

What diva dose Jeff hardy and Matt hardy like?

matt likes RebySky jeff likes Beth Hardy

What makes Jeff hardy happy?

art, his dogs and wrestling, also Beth and Matt

How can you find Jeff hardy my space page?

Jeff Hardy Have a Myspace visit Matt's and on the top search for itcheweed or something is Jeff and Beth the Matt's id

Is Matt or Jeff Hardy married?

Neither are married, Matt is currently single and Jeff is still with long time girlfriend Beth Britt

Who did actuelly burn Jeff hardys house Jeff Hardy's House Burns Down?

Yes it really burned down, he is in the process of him and Beth rebuilding it

Does Jeff Hardy have a girfriend?

Yes, Jeff does have a girlfriend. Her name is Beth Britt and they have been together for about 8-9 years. You can see her on The Hardy Show or Matt's myspace.

Does Matt die?

Matt who? Matt Hardy? Matt Hardy is in TNA

Is Matt hardy real name?

Matt Hardy's real name is Matt Hardy

Why did Jeff Hardy go out with Beth Britt?

Well, first off you Mean Why Does Jeff Hardy Go Out With Beth Britt? And Second of All He Is Married To her. Here's Your Answer. When Him And Matt When Out to Celebrate their Tag Team Title Win. He Saw Her. And He Must have Fallen in love with her. Because They have been together for About 12 years.

Who are the hardy boyz dating?

Matt is currently single and Jeff is still dating Beth Britt they have been together for 10 years.

Is Matt Hardy in a relationship?

yes. he has a girlfriend. named nikyah they appered at the slammys together. December 2008 you are an idiot! The only people with Matt at the slammys were Beth Britt and Jeff