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yes, so many do there is a girl i know who is dating to a guy who is 4 years older than her. but i don't know whether are they honestly take interest in a girl who is younger than them.

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How do I get over being lonely?

When you are lonely you try to get a friend if you dont already have one, because honestly you get a friend they will not let you down. They will be there for you.

Why cant you use certain names on Fantage?

Because other users might already have them, or it's inappropriate, or it's a celebrity name like Taylor Swift.

How inappropriate is Miley Cyrus?

I think Miley is inappropriate because of the little incident at the vmas. She is too inappropriate to be considered a good role model for young girls and women.

What is inappropriate aid?

Inappropriate aid is when aid is given to people, but they can not utilize that aid because it is inappropriate. e.g. if you were to give a family in the highlands of Nepal a electric oven when the do not have electricity.

How people take alcohol?

bottle, in mouth, any questions? honestly if you're that dumb already to have to ask that, you don't need to be drinking because you're probably retarded.

Do girls like physical attention from guys?

That depends on the girl. Some girls dont because they feel like its inappropriate, honestly i do like it. Not alot of if but the occasional hug, touching her hand a little, or having your knees touch each others.

Has iCarly done anything inappropriate on the show?

iCarly has never done anything inappropriate on the show. This is because it is on a kids network.

Will you marry Joe Jonas?

NO NO NO I WILL MARRY JOE JONAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :]oh poor jonasfan14 or whatever they think they are marring joe Jonas when in reality i am because it was already aranged by his parents! honestly!

Inappropriate term for Monroe administration?

The inappropriate term associated with the Monroe administration is the 'Era of Good Feelings. ' The reason it is considered inappropriate is because it suggests the era lacked significant conflicts.

What is Lennie's inappropriate surname in 'Of Mice and Men'?

Lennie's last name is Small, which is inappropriate because he is described as a gigantic lummox.

Can you make your build a bear pee on the website?

no because that is to inappropriate

Why are Doris Day songs blocked on YouTube?

because their inappropriate

Why do weirdos meow at you on the phone?

Because barking would be inappropriate!

Why is it inappropriate to stir a liquid with a thermometer?

Because the thermometer can be broken !

Why do kids love seeing people getting hit in the balls?

Mostly because the word balls is inappropriate and kids love inappropriate stuff.

Why don't people believe in Christianity?

Because they either already have another religion, or were once Christians but lost interest or faith, or have determined independently that there is no god.

What is the Inappropriate pronoun A diplomat because they?

The pronoun 'they' is inappropriate to take the place of the noun 'diplomat' because the word 'diplomat' is singular and the pronoun 'they' takes the place of a plural noun or two or more nouns.

Why is there inappropriate content on the Internet?

Because some people in this evil world don't care about inappropriate things and will post themon the Internet because they think it's cool. The world is EVIL!! To bad we live in it.

Is Medal of honor inappropriate?

medal of honor is inappropriate for children under 10,Because it is so intense and little kids under 10 don't understand.

What are facts about madeleine albright?

Honestly,well I thought maybe you would already have the answer. That's why I searched it because I didn't know any interesting facts about her. I also really need an answer because I'm researching this women for a wax mu seum project at my school.

What was the war in the Philippines about?

The United States had declared war with Spain already because of the way they were treating the native Cubans. Not only was there humanitarian interest in Cuba but American business interest in Cuba as a state so they could produce sugar there and sell it to the U.S. without tariffs. Because they were already at war with the Spanish, and they were interested in gaining a foothold somewhere in Asia for trade and naval bases, the U.S. also attacked the Philippenes.

Is fantage inappropriate?

fantage is innappropriate because they have boyfriends and girlfriends and it is just gross.

Why is High School of the Dead banned?

Because it's inappropriate for younger viewers.

Is Batman Gotham Knight for children?

NO! it is not for kids because there is some violence that is inappropriate.

Why does Mercury have an unmapped surface?

The question is inappropriate because the surface of Mercury is not unmapped!

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