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Yes. If the absent parent is committed to creating a relationship with their child that parent should petition the court for a child visitation schedule. A child should have the benefit of two parents. However, the absent parent should allow the child to acclimate slowly by visiting the child in her own environment at first until a trusting and comfortable relationship can develop. Also, the absent parent shouldn't make those changes unless they are committed to form a permanent relationship. It would be extremely damaging to the child if that parent disappeared from their life again.

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Q: Would a California noncustodial parent be granted visitation rights to a Florida child he has only seen in once in seven years if he has paid support through a wage garnishment for this period of time?
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Can you move to another state to avoid garnishment?

You can move to Texas or Florida to avoid wage garnishment. Florida requires you to be head of household.

How long is a garnishment valid in Florida?

Until the debt is satisfied.

In Florida can a creditor garnish wages?

Yes, Florida allows wage garnishment by a judgment creditor.

Can a teenaged child choose not to visit noncustodial parent in Florida?

Children who are at an age of understanding, and able to make informed decisions for themselves (to a point) can choose to reduce or stop visitation. If possible, the custodial parent can petition the court to modify the custody and visitation with the request of the teenager, and the Judge may want to ask the teen some questions regarding their choice.

In Florida can a student loan be rehabilated once wage garnishment has began?

No, it cannot.

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What are the differences between California and Florida?

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What percent should a noncustodial parent pay in child support In Florida?

That depends on the number of children involved.

Can your wages be garnished in the state of Florida for an auto repo?

If you signed the wage garnishment yes

Can your wages be garnished in Florida to collect a small claims judgment?

Florida does allow wage garnishment for creditor debt. However, if the debtor qualifies as "head of household" the garnishment is difficult to enforce unless the debtor earns a substantial income. (Florida Statute, Chapter 77, 221.11)

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