Would a Sagittarius and a Pisces make a good couple?



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There are a variety of answers:

  • sure
  • it depends on what sex the Pisces and what sex the Sagittarius is.

    if the man is a Pisces and the woman is a Sagittarius then The sustenance of the love match between a Sagittarius woman and Pisces man will require much effort on part of both the individuals. Though his passion may allure her initially, she will soon start feeling that he expects much more closeness than she is ready to give. She is like a free bird, who likes to have her full freedom, which he may not be too willing to give. He does not share her sense of adventure, which may lead to more problems. She is too forthright to respect his sensitivity and may end up hurting him often.

    However if the man is Sagittarius and the woman is Pisces then It is not very easy for a Sagittarius man and a Pisces woman to carry on their relationship comfortably for too long. Some basic differences, if not settled in time, can lead to disastrous results, even though the chemistry between the two is great. She lives in a dreamy world of her own, where only a few others exist. He, on the other, lives in the real world, interacts with real people and loves to be noticed and admired. His flirtatious nature and lack of commitment will make her insecure and her too much attachment will make him feel bounded.

  • Not a great match usually. Sagittarius oftentimes seems attractive to Pisces; but Sagittariuses need constant assurance; and they tend to get redundant and predictable when their personality settles in. Pisces is typically a very peaceful sign. However, that doesn't make the relationship better. Sagittariuses need someone who's passionate; socially and physically preferred; and Pisces generally just doesn't fit the bill.
  • Not really.
  • All the signs can be compatible, if you take both natal charts into account. That being said, both these signs will tend to go with the flow as they are mutable, but they have different traits and may butt heads from time to time as they approach life a bit differently.
  • I am a sag. & my husband a pisces. We are now separated after 10 years. I don't live my life by astrology, but have read a good bit about it. If you want to live by astrology, I would say no, it is not a good match. However, I believe that you should go by what you feel, not what astrology says.