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Yes! The guy i like has a girlfriend and we are good friends and i don't know who his girlfriend is but he said that he liked me. So there is hope!!


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U dont do anything, because you will lose your friend if you do.

then he likes her. if he doesn't try anything i dont see the problem.

from experience tell him unless you dont want to be his friend anymore.

when a girl says " OH IM SO UGLY !" when truly in his eyes he sees perfection and beauty . Depends on if you are his girlfriend, if you are then dont ever ask him to hold your purse. dont ask him if something makes you look fat. if you are his best friend try to make him comfortable around you. if he has a girlfriend and you are his best friend dont pressure him.

i dont have a friend that has an ex girlfriend that is dating his friend when your friend is on a summer vacation so i cant no no no no no a

it means that he's ready to become boyfriend & girlfriend. but dont freak out, it would be great to see what its like to date your best friend. if it doesnt work out make sure that your friendship stays THE SAME as it was before.

Dont fall for the stuff she's talking about; because if she did care about u and your feelings she would not be talking to your best friend!

I dont know but y are u dreaming about ur freind anyway are u jealous

im sorry..i dont have a best friend :[

If you already have a girlfriend you shouldn't be trying to date someone else especially her best friend. if you want to be with someone else break up with the other girl first, but dating her friend would tear them apart and that would just be mean. Dont cheat on your girl unless you want to be a peace of trash loser the rest of your life.

I would tell my friend not to say lie more about him. I would also not get angry and will be friendly to that friend who said lie about my best friend. Then only he will recover him.

Do things that he likes and things that his girlfriend would never do, and let him know you like him but dont just say it give him hints if he's not stupid he'll soon figure out that you like him more than a friendAnd don't undermine your best friend if you want to keep him on side.

tell him he is going to have to deal with it because she is your best friend and she will always be there for you and you dont know how long he is going to be there for you i would rather loose a boy then my best friend

If your friend is a female then your ex girlfriend is trying to cause problems and covering all aspects of your girl friend not getting too romantically involved with you. You ex is putting doubt into your friends mind. Face you're ex and tell her to knock it off!

i bet most men know how to get a girlfriend !!

Of course! I dont know any woman who would disagree.

If you truly love her then trust her completely.... Dont get upset,may be ,she want understand you more by making ur best frnd her frnd...

well if you feel he likes you then yes. if he is happy with a girlfriend than no. you dont know can happen to your relationship if he doesnt love you back. i was there twice. but i would do it again if i feel its worth it

Well, i dont know why it was a toothpick, people i know dream that with things like daggers or swords but i know what the dream means. They fancy their best friends girlfriend but know they don't have a chance with her.

If the girlfriend of your best friend (boy) doesnt like you tried to be social with her or not wait until she walks up to and saids something. If not just leave it alone if you dont want problems with her at all!

Yes as long as your friend is ok with it, if not DONT be his friend.

I was in the same spot as you. When you like your friends boyfriend its difficult, DO NOT flirt with him, because he could go and turn to your friend, if it is just a crush try to ditance yourself, and ust be there for your friend. but if you think you really like him i would talk to your friend about it. BUt dont say somthing like "i have a huge crush on your boyfriend". think before you speak and what you think is best.

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