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yes a child psychologist does have to travel for their job

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Q: Would a child psychologist have to travel for their job?
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What was Dr. Malcolm crowe's job in the movie the sixth sense?

He is a child psychologist.

What are Child Psychologist sick days?

Child psychologist's will have various sick days depending on their job. If they become ill they may need to call in and not go to work, as they shouldn't risk getting children sick.

What is the overall salary for a psychologist?

Psychologist salaries vary based on job placement. The highest paid psychologist would be a psychiatrist who earns on average $165,000 every year.

What is the job outlook for a child psychologist?

Quite good. They are needed in most areas of the U.S. (with the exception of large urban areas).

I have a PHD in pyschology, what type of job opportunities are available for me?

With a psychology degree, you have access to many different field choices. If you would like, you can open your own office to see patients, or you could even take a job working as a child psychologist for a bigger firm.

What would one do in an assistant psychologist job?

An assistant psychologist can test and evaluate patients under the supervision of a licensed psychologist. They may also be in charge of some clerical work such as typing out reports and scoring exams.

What are the job details of a child psychologist?

It really just depends on what type of child pyschologist you want to be. But for training you will need to have experience with children. You try to put yoursrlf in their shoes and think the way they think.

What is a high paying legal job that helps abused children?

A lawyer Maybe a disability lawyer Or better, become a Psychologist, Social Worker, Pediatrician, or Police officer. I would say a psychologist would deal the most, but a police officer would be the most rewarding. If you decide to become a police officer, you can specialize in child abuse cases.

What is the job of a child psychologist?

To understand what an adolescent is thinking or feeling. And to find out why they behave in the manner that they behave in. I'm still going to go with, to screw up the Psyche of a child while thinking they are fixing it.

What job dose oprha have?

she is a psychologist

Where can you find a psychologist job in Melbourne?

In addition to the more generic job hunting websites, there are several job resources for the psychology field. One resource to assist in finding a psychologist job is the APA and their online career center, PsycCareers.

What is the job description of a sports psychologist?

Psychologist that help you to gain healthy mind set to grow in your sport career.

What kind of a job can you get with a PhD in psychology?

A Psychologist......

What is a good sentence for the word psychologist?

A psychologist's job intrigues me; I always wonder how they can so accurately understand the brain.

What kind of psychologist conducts research on the job to help workers become more efficient?

Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Where are the travel job openings applications?

You may find a travel job by contacting a major cruise line where you get paid to take their cruise and you would review it on several websites this job is very important!

What are the job benefits of psychologist?

Free therapy sessions.

How do you become a psychologist in wales?

univeristy the a job i guess...

Where can one find a Clinical Psychologist job in Kansas?

One would be able to find clinical psychologist vacancies listed on a number of employment websites. A few places that one could browse would be: Career Builder, Indeed, USA Jobs, Simply Hired and Monster.

What is the best job for man love travel?

That would be a travel blogger. Life wouldn't be more better. :)

How much money does a child psychologist earn in one day?

A starting psychologist with limited experience earns about $30,000-$45,000 a year. Those with 5-10 years experience usually earn $55,000-$80,000. After 10+ years on the job, the average salary range is from $80,000-$100,000 per year.

If you have an bachelor's degree in psychology to become a school teacher could you also become a child psychologist with the same degree?

You can use the degree to pursue whatever career that you like. The best way to see whether you could be a teacher or a child psychologist in the areas that you want are to look at job advertisements in those areas, and see what they are looking for. See if you will need a Master's degree in addition, or what other requirements they have beyond the degree.

In child psychology what do you do in the job?

There are two basic types of a child psychologist. One is used in the schools and their job is to primarily test children to find out if they have learning problems or other problems that effect learning. Then, there is the person who has a PhD in psychology that does private practice with children or may work in a hospital setting with emotionally disturbed children.

What is the job qualification for a manager of a travel agency?

The job qualifications for a manager of a travel agency would be several years of experience in the industry as well as some pertinent education experience.

Would a police officer travel?

Yes, job related and with family.