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Would a cis or trans isomer have a higher boiling point?

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2014-10-07 15:25:26

Cis-isomers generally have higher boiling points. The Latin

prefix cis- means "on the same side." This generally means the

molecule will have a greater concentration of either a dipole or

dispersion forces on one side of the molecule as opposed to

another. This will mean the greater probability of that molecule

either being polar or having a temporary dipole, which means

greater attraction between those molecules. In a trans-isomer,

which means "across from," you will have a certain atom across the

molecule from the other, which means often, those potential dipoles

or dispersion forces will "cancel each other out," meaning less

probability for attraction between molecules.

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2014-10-07 11:20:36

The cis isomer has a higher boiling point. The cis isomer is

more polar so it experiences stronger dipole-dipole


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