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No... A corolla engine is made by Toyota for a Toyota Corolla vehicle... The Chevy Prism is made by Chevy... Chevy and Toyota are different companies...

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Q: Would a corolla engine fit in a Chevy prism?
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Who makes the Geo Prism?

Chevrolet. It is a Chevy but the engine and drivetrain is that of a Toyota Corolla. It was made by Toyota and is a rebadged Toyota Corolla. The Geo Prism is the new name given to the car that was called the Chevrolet Nova in the late 80s. The Chevrolet Nova was built by General United, a General Motors - Toyota joint venture. It is, as noted above, mostly the same as a Toyota Corolla. Nummi. Nummi also made it for Toyota as the Corolla.

What is the engine size on a 2001 Chevy prism?

the engine is a 1.8 liter engine 4 cylinders

What kinda engine in 1998 Chevy prism?

1.8L 4 cylinder

Where is the charcoal canister located on a 1998 Chevy prism lsi?

It is the same as a 98' Corolla. It is attached to the back of the gas tank.

Is the Chevy Prism the same as a Toyota Corolla?

All Prizm models were powered by the same engine as the Toyota models, All Prizms were built at a joint venture plant between Toyota and GM. Aside from small cosmetic differences , radio, front stabilizer bar, the Prizms are identical to the Corolla.

Does the 92 Geo prism have the same or similar engine to a Toyota Corolla?

Yes. Geo is a branch of Chevy but they also have alot of the Toyota parts on them. The Toyota corolla and the Toyota celica st have the same motor as the geo. More than likely it is the 4AFE 1.6L 1587cc only about 115 horsepower.

What cars use the Toyota 1ZZ-FE engine?

2000 corolla2000 Chevy prism

Would a 95 Toyota Corolla egr valve fit a geo prism?

The Geo Prism and Toyota Corolla were assembled in the same factory on the same assembly line using the same engines. The EGR valves should be virtually identical.

Will a 1999 Toyota corolla fender fit a 1999 Chevy prism?

There is a lot of evidence that it will fit. The 3rd Generation Prism and 8th Generation Corolla was a joint venture between Toyota and GM. The two cars were built at the same time on the same assembly line in Fremont California. They have the same 1.8Liter 1ZZ FE engine, wheelbase is the same, ALL engine and transaxle parts are interchangable, all Glass is the same (Source: Three different Auto Glass suppliers list windshield and door glass as Application: Corolla 1997 to 2002 and Geo Prism 1997 to 1999). Note that I am not definitively saying it will fit but presenting this information for what it's worth.

Is an engine on a 1994 Geo Prism 16-valve 5-speed interchangeable with other years or with Toyota Corolla engines?

1993-1997 prism & corolla are basicly the same 1993 ac used R-12 and parts in a 93 ac may be different than 94-97

Why can I not fill 2002 Chevy prism with gas?

why does gas splash out when filling a 2002 chevy prism

How do you change an alternator in 1999 Chevy prism?

how do i change the alternator in my 1999 Chevy prism, picture with instructions will help.

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