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would a falcon eat a chihuahua?Yes, if you live in a neighborhood that has falcons, eagles, or other types of big birds, they would consider your chihuahua as prey because of its small size, if you see a bird near your house you should immediately grab your pet and take it to a safe shelter. not only that your chihuahua that might get eaten, it can vary to any small mammals such as bunnies, hamsters, small cats, gerbils, chinchillas, ect...

Yes...falcon's are birds of prey, and chi's are small enough to be prey.


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they probly would because they eat mice

A fox would eat an adult falcon if it could, but they love falcon chicks. However, the adult falcon is adept at defending its young.

A chihuahua would not attack another chihuahua for the purpose of killing and eating it, since that would be too risky; one chihuahua is not notably stronger or more deadly than another, so it would be more or less an even fight, which for the purpose of getting a meal, is not worth it. However if we were to butcher a chihuahua and turn it into dog food, another chihuahua could easily eat it. It would just be another form of meat.

Our chihuahua tried to eat one of her puppies. We had to put it with another mom that just had puppies.

If it wanted to but I doubt it would.

No it is not normal for chihuahua to eat its puppies at birth

It is hugely unlikely that a falcon would eat a wolf. The wolf is simply too big for the falcon to Think of it as prey. A falcon might have a go at a very young pup if it got the chance. Or possibly try to scavenge off an already dead wolf.

A yorkie is small enough for a Falcon to consider it as prey, so it's possible.

its possible so keep ur falcon under ur cover lol

No, but peregrine falcons will feed on sandpipers.

It is hugely unlikely that a falcon would eat a snow leopard. The leopard is simply too big for the falcon to think of it as prey. A falcon might have a go at a very young cub if it got the chance. Or possibly try to scavenge off an already dead leopard.

A falcon may eat a small owl, but this would not happen frequently because owls are nocturnal and falcons are diurnal (Daytime-active)

if it doesn't eat it will die.

No, because that would be insane. Chihuahua's are omnivores, but they prefer healthy kibble instead of raw meat soaked in blood!

I think so because my chihuahua can eat a lot of things, but it's to risky to try

No. They mainly eat berries and fish. To eat a falcon it would have to be dead and bears don't eat carrion (dead animals).

It eats when it wants to

in my opinio i thought that the chihuahua are anorecsic and they don'ty eat anything !

That would be tantamount to a chihuahua eating an African elephant - in short, no. Mosquitoes "eat" blood from their host - nothing else.

yes they will eat a small tame dog

From what I can tell, a bear will eat almost anything it can get its paws on. This being said, if a bear can catch a falcon, I'm sure it will eat it.

A chihuahua can not have full poms, they would be part chihuahua.

It would look like a Papillon X Chihuahua

A falcon would win in a heartbeat because a falcon has stronger talons.

No. Chihuahuas cannot eat sweeet potatoes.

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