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If your family will be traveling to WDW during Gay Days (which is what the organizers call it) and you think you might be uncomfortable, look up information on what park is on their schedule each day -- and avoid that park. According to, here is the schedule for 2006: Animal Kingdom: Thursday, June 1 Disney-MGM Studios: Friday, June 2 Magic Kingdom: Saturday, June 3 Epcot: Sunday, June 4 Gay Days is not an official Disney-sponsored activity, so there aren't official events, mostly just larger crowds in the parks on those days. More input: * If your family is narrow-minded then practically anything could make them uncomfortable. * Some certainly could be. It depends on your background and tolerance.

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โˆ™ 2008-10-01 16:09:12
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Q: Would a family be uncomfortable at Disney World during gay week?
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