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Yes, your problem may very well be beyond the tank the water is not escaping fast enough out of the tank, to cause the water to rise at the less restrictive point, look beyond the tank make sure the water is coming or going out of the tank unless you have never had the tank pumped out, but in most cases the line beyond the tank is crushed or blocked.

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Is the landlord responsible for emptying the septic tank?

I would say yes. Since you are a renter and he is the owner . The owner of the property is libel for the repairs.

Why does your toilets bubble when washing machine drains?

If you have a septic tank you might want to have someone come look to see if your septic needs emptying. If you take care of it and feed it RidEx every month you should not have to. If you don't have a septic tank, I'd call the local water municipality.

What is the role of the septic tank in a septic system?

A septic tank is the most important thing in a septic system. A septic tank connects a pipe and a drain field. The septic tank makes sure liquids goes in and out without messing with the crust surface.

Septic Tank Installation?

form_title=Install a Septic Tank form_header=Hire a professional plumber to install a septic tank. Does your municipality allow the installation of septic tanks?= () Yes () No Is this the first time you've ever had a septic tank?= () Yes () No Has your septic tank ruptured?= () Yes () No Do you currently have a septic tank?= () Yes () No

How do you build a driveway over a septic tank?

A septic tank is not strong enough to carry a load. Providing you support the drive and carry the load some other way, than by using the septic, then all will be OK. Do make sure that there is easy access for emptying, inspection, and maintenance to the drain field, and sewage pipe connections. Do keep in mind that the microbes that do the work, prefer a temperature of 95f, laying a road above the tank will prevent the sun from warming the tank and will lead to slower process and more frequent emptying. (and cost) Of course you can deal with this by fitting 6 inches of polystyrene over all surfaces, to keep the warmth in. (remember heat moves down and sideways, as well as up)

What does septic cnctd mean?

Probably septic connected.

How much does a septic system cost?

It depends upon the area of the septic system and size of septic air pump used. The installation of septic pumps is key in keeping your septic system clean. It might range in cost from $300 to $600.

What does the word septic mean?

i dont know what septic means:D

Can a septic wound be treated with antibiotics?

yeah if it`s not too septic then you have to get the doctor to cut away the septic part to get fresh tissue.

Should I treat my septic system?

Septic system needs regualr maintenance, but always consider a professional to treat your septic problems.

local septic tank pump out?

local septic tank pump out

Where can I get an old septic tank inspected?

There are lots of septic tank inspectors, some are even run by septic tank companies themselves. It is important to inspect a septic tank because they are thousands of dollars to fix.

Maintain Septic System?

form_title=Maintain Septic System form_header=The septic system is an important aspect of your home and should be kept in proper function. When was the last time you had your system pumped?=_ Do you use products that are septic friendly?= () Yes () No Are you having any problems with your septic system?= () Yes () No

How to Clean a Septic Tank?

An overfilled septic tank can cause backups in a sewer line, causing many problems in a plumbing system. If a septic tank has overflowed, it is usually clogged with excessive organic debris. A septic tank cleaner can be a good first step when treating a septic tank overflow. Septic tank cleaners contain natural bacteria and enzymes, designed to break down organic material in human waste. Excessive disposal of bleach and detergents into a septic line can kill these bacteria, preventing the breakdown of septic waste in a tank. If a septic cleaner doesn't clear a tank after a week, it may be necessary to use a professional septic tank cleaning service.

How effective is a septic tank?

it upon the material used to build the septic tank

How big is your septic tank?

The average septic tank holds about 1,000 gallons.

Deposit of fine solids that settle out from wastewater in a septic system?

septic tank

Why does your septic tank keep filling up with water?

why does my septic fill with water

Can you put an in ground trampoline by a septic line?

If your septic line is deep enough, you can.

Is septic shock accidental death?

Septic shock is not accidental death. Septic shock is a severe infection in the blood stream that causes illness and death.

How do you unclog a septic tank?

Call a professional service to prevent future expenses in septic issues.

What breaks down sewage in a septic tank?

bacteria so if you think your septic is not working properly then you can buy septic bateria from a store and flush it down the toilet.

Your septic tank is drained out your shower is backed up with sewageHow do you fix it?

Unplug the pipe between house and septic tank first. Get flow of septic into the tank.

What is septic bacteria?

There are many types of bacteria that appear biologically in a septic system. Those that exist in the septic tank help to manage waste and organic substance. Septic bacteria naturally give off gases that break down the organic substance in the waste water causing bad odor. Some septic bacteria are intended to restore and preserve all miscarried septic systems.

Why would an upstairs toilet drain into a downstairs sink?

All upstairs plumbing fixtures drain through vertical pipes in the walls, connect to the horizontal pipes under the house and continue downslope to the city sewer or your septic tank. A backup into a downstairs fixture from an upper one indicates that there is a blockage in the drain line under the house downslope from the one receiving the backup. In this situation when a upper toilet is flushed the water with refuse reaches the stoppage and backs up into the lowest fixture downstairs, usually a shower, a tub or in this case a sink.

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