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Would a hamster ever eat a worm?

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Haha, no they would never, I don't think they would even go near it

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What if you eat a hamster?

You're stupid to ever eat a hamster

Why would you eat a worm?

well i would eat a worm for money JK

What would eat a worm?


Is it healthy to eat a worm?

Umm why would you think eating a worm is healthy.

What happens if you eat worms?

If someones eat a worm nothing would happen to them.. They would go to the bathroom if they want to and let out the waste so the worm will come out

Does a bird eat fast or slow?

they eat prety fast. have you ever seen a robin gulp up a worm?.

Would a German Shepherd eat a hamster?

possibly if the hamster is messing around near the dog

Can a hamster eat chewing gum?

Yes, but why would you?

Can hamsters eat pineapple?

no they dont,there not suposed too but hamster may like it they dont like eggs ever that what killed my hamster,nasty...

How much food do hamsters eat in one day?

A hamster would probably eat a teaspoon full a day. If your hamster eats more than that it is probably storing the hamster food.

Can Syrian hamsters eat Dwarf hamster?

yes but it is unlikely. hamsters can be cannibals. my hamster had a sister but she killed her and ate her. most hamsters are nice though. but if a dwarf hamster was dead then the syrian hamster would likely eat it

Can a worm eat corn?

Yes, a worm can eat corn.

Can a dog eat a hamster?

Sure, a hamster is just a small animal to a dog and dogs eat small animals like rabbits, possums, rats mice etc. A cat would probably eat a hamster too.

Would a mouse eat a worm?

i dont think so

Will a worm eat a worm?

No, they can't

Can hamsters eat fritos?

No, The hamster would get very sick!

What do segmented worms eat?

well the segmented worm eats the earth worm. segmented worms eat at the end, that would be the butt the earth worm gets eaten buy pretty every animal on earth.

How do you play measuring worm?

you eat the worm or not

What vegetable can a hamster have?

A hamster can eat most fruits and veg. If it is poisonous to a hamster they will know to avoid it. Lettice is the only food I would advise you to avoid as it can be known to give a hamster diohorrea.

Would a red worm eat a green apple?

yep, for sure

Can a robo dwarf hamster eat fresh fruit?

Yes, as can any hamster. But please never, ever feed them citrus fruits such as lemons. Good luck!

Does a hamster eat meat?

NO. the hamster does not eat meat for it only eats its Hamster Nibbles or other various brands.

Can a hamster eat carrot leaves?

Yes but i would not over load him/her with them.

Can pet guinea pigs be with a hamster in the same cage?

I would not suggest it, the guinea pig may try to eat the hamster.

What types of food can hamsters eat?

they can eat hamster food & hamster bars

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