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A little tikes car would make a perfect gift for a girl's birthday. We can buy a good quality one with the color of the girl's liking to make it a perfect birthday gift.

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โˆ™ 2011-07-14 19:23:02
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Q: Would a little girl enjoy a Little Tikes car for her birthday?
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Where can one purchase a 'Little Tikes Grill'?

One can purchase a 'Little Tikes Grill' at places such as Toys "R" Us. An alternative place where you can purchase a 'Little Tikes Grill' would be Amazon or eBay.

Where would one shop for a Little Tikes bed?

Little Tikes beds can be bought from many kid related stores and retailers. Toys R' Us, Walmart, and Diapers all sell Little Tikes bed. One can also purchase them directly from the Little Tikes website.

Where can one shop for a Little Tikes desk?

A Little Tikes desk can purchased through several retailers. One main source would be directly from Little Tikes. Other retailers include Walmart, Target, Amazon, Toy's R Us, Kmart, Wayfair, Meijer, and Sears.

How much does a Little Tikes Activity Garden cost approximately?

Depending on where you plan to purchase the Little Tikes Activity Garden it could run you anywhere from $70-90. If you would like the original Activity Garden from Little Tikes that came out in the 1990's be prepared to pay over $100.

Where can I buy Little Tikes toys?

You can review and purchase Little Tikes toys at Toys R Us. They have a wide variety of different toys that would be suitable for children of 4 years of age.

Where can I buy a little tikes kitchen?

Little Tikes have a webpage themselves, going there would be preferable to buying it anywhere else. Unfortunately they only ship inside the U.S, but on the other hand they are having a sale at the moment

Where can one purchase a Little Tikes vanity?

Little Tikes vanity is carried at most larger retailers such as Walmart, Target, and K-mart. Searching on Amazon and the internet would also be a good idea.

Where can one buy Little Tikes Ride on Train systems?

Any major toy store, such as Toys 'R Us, would most likely carry Little Tikes Ride on Train systems. Also, another place one could check would be WalMart, Target, or any other store that carries Little Tikes brand toys. If none of the above pan out, the Little Tikes website would surely either have an option to buy the system or at least be able to point one in the direction of where they can find it.

Are there safety precautions for the little tikes swing along castle?

There are safety precautions for everything these days so if there isn't a safety precaution for the little tikes swing along castle then that would be very rare indeed.

What retail stores offer Little Tikes table set?

The retail stores offer Little Tikes table sets are toys r us, target, wal mart, the little tikes online store, amazon online, and basically any other type of store that would sell childrens toys for that age group.

Would a Little Tikes Table be a good idea for your 3 year old son?

If your looking for a quality indoor or outside play table little Tikes would be my first choice. Little Tikes designs their play tables with 1-6 yr old's in mind. Built with durability, to last and grow with them. Designed with bright bold colors to promote creativity, and imaginative play.

Where can I find a little tikes slide online?

You can find the little tikes slide online at Amazon and other department stores. If you want to find a used one for a good deal I would also look into eBay

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