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No, bleach will not change a coins colour.

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โˆ™ 2011-09-09 11:42:16
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Q: Would a penny turn white if you bleach it?
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What would happen if you put a penny in bleach?

it would turn a dark color green

Does bleach turn your shirts white?

Yes bleach powder does help to make your shirts white.

What would happen if you soaked a bone in bleach?

It will turn as white as a piece of computer paper

How you turn white?

you just bleach youself

How do you turn your teeth white at home?


Can bleach turn rubber white?

That depends on the type of rubber it is and how dark it is. For instance, you would not be able to bleach a rubber tire white but you may be able to bleach a rubber band. Be careful; bleach may destroy the rubber by breaking it down.

How can you turn your light tan comforter white?

bleach it

How do you turn a brown Easter egg white?

You bleach it.

What happens if you soak a starfish in bleach?

Turn white

Does bleach turn everything white?

Bleach strips the color out of anything that it touches..if you are using bleach from the hair store then it does not instantly turn your hair white..your hair goes through several steps of decoloration.

How do you clean a white hat?

If you use bleach it should turn out as white as snow!

How well does bleach clean a penny?

Bleach will not clean a penny well at all - in fact, it will cause a reaction between the copper of the coin and the chlorine in the bleach. The oxidation will turn the majority of the penny black whilst also producing a green and white paste comprised of mainly copper hydroxides and also maybe some zinc hydroxide.Unless you have a common circulation coin or a junk coin without a date, using any household chemicals, juice, soda, erasers, etc. will destroy its collector value.

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