Would a person with Munchausen by proxy simulate Asperger's Syndrome in a child?

Before pediatricians and psychiatrists were familiar with Asperger's Syndrome, some of them thought the parents who said there was something wrong with their children were exaggerating, delusional, over-protective, and, in some cases, abusive parents with Munchausen by proxy. (For mention of parents being thought to have Munchausen by proxy because their children had AS, see the links below.)

I do not know of Munchausen by proxy cases where the parent or guardian attempted to make the child appear to have Asperger's Syndrome, but this does not mean it has not happened. There are other conditions that would be easier to fake by giving the child medicines or chemicals, since some of the social skills impairments (lack of eye contact, avoidance of social contact) would be harder to replicate with drugs. However, many medical professionals' unfamiliarity with Asperger's Syndrome diagnoses could make it an attractive option for Munchausen by proxy, since the professionals might not have been exposed to it previously. Asperger's Syndrome also has the advantage of not being able to be diagnosed with laboratory tests. However, using Asperger's Syndrome means the parent might need to engage in lengthy descriptions of AS before receiving the desired sympathy and attention from others. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a definitive answer on whether the condition of Asperger's has been the goal of an abusive parent via Munchausen by proxy.