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Would an 18 year old get in trouble if he gets a 16 year old pregnant?


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Probably not. The age of consent is 16 in most places.

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umm i think he should get in legal trouble because that is very bad but u would get into trouble

Then they will both get in trouble with the law.

First off, a 20-year-old can get himself into trouble if he gets a minor pregnant. Never the other way around. And it's the same thing if an under age boy gets a grown woman pregnant. the adult can face up to 10-15 years of prison

If she is below the age of consent in her state, yes.

It depends on the state they are in. In some states it would be a crime.

no he can not. you could only get in trouble if the mother and father decide to press charges on you. aside from that, no you can not.

He could be in trouble depending on the local laws. other then that nothing.

that's not against the law. There has to be a 4 years age difference between you guys to get into trouble

Depends on how old the girlfriend is. The age of consent is 17 there.

Well it's depends on where you live. I know that in England, it would be the girl who would get in trouble for having sex with a minor

Yes he can get in trouble that is considered rape. If the police find out he will go to jail. I hope this really didnt happen. :)

yes because no matter where you get pregnant at, if you are underage the legal age person will get in trouble no matter where he is at.

In trouble with the law... no. In trouble with her and yur parent.... maybe.

The 17yo has reached the age of consent in all territories of Australia and I can't find anything that you would get into trouble for it.

Answer you pray that her parents dont get you in to trouble with the law because it counts as rape, even with concent.

Yes, how much will depend on the laws of the specific state. And the mother's 'permission' doesn't negate anything, in fact can get her in trouble for contributing to the illegal act.

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