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That is very early to test but if you do get a pos. it would be VERY VERY faint. I would wait & take another early hpt when your period is due. If you got a neg. it could be wrong cause it is too early to test & false neg. are more common than false pos. no no no no no no!!!

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Q: Would an HPT be accurate if taken 6 days after conception?
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Can you get a positive pregnancy test 2-3 days after conception?

no you would need to wait at least a week or two before it will actually show an accurate answer

How many days after intercourse do you know if you are pregnant?

Hello there. You cant know that your pregnant accurately till you do a pregnancy test. A test will be accurate when your expecting your period. But if you want to know sooner, you can see the doctor for a quantative blood test which can be done 5 days after conception has taken place, and it will be accurate.

When its best to take the pregnancy test?

when you think you're pregnant there supposed to be accurate 5 days after conception

Would a test be negative after a week of conception?

Yes, as implantation can occur 8-10 days after conception.

Why are 2 weeks taken off your ultrasound scan age?

Because it's about 12 days of conception

When did you get pregnant if your due date is December 3 and how accurate is the conceived date?

I will assume you are talking about December 3rd 2011. If so, that makes your estimated conception date March 11th 2011. The estimated conception date is not always completely accurate. It is often wrong by a couple of days.

How any days after sex can you take an accurate pregnancy test?

A home pregnancy test ,when taken correctly, is considered accurate 14-16 days after ovulation or unprotected sex.

How soon can a blood test show you are pregnant?

Blood tests may show that you are pregnant as little as seven days after conception. Most doctors will only do one if you have missed a period which is 14 days after conception. Hi, A Quantitative blood test can show if you're pregnant 5-7 days after you think conception may of taken place.

Would a blood test taken 5 days after ovulation be accurate?

No, that is too early, you should really be 10-14 days after to be safe.. I'd really recommend even 12-14 days.. ~pawsalmighty

How accurate is an ultrasound taken at 9 weeks 6 days you want to know your day of conception you have always have regular babies of 7 pounds and do not have any medical problems?

The answer depends on the study itself. As your ultrasonographer or OBGYN provider what the range of error is on the study.

Can You Feel Nausea eighteen Days After Conception?

yes u can some people get sympyoms with in days of conception

Can you take a home pregnancy test before your period is due and if so would it be accurate?

yes you can take a early pregnancy test about 4 days after ovulaion, that is about 18 days after the begining of your last period. answer I doubt it. You need to wait at least 10 days after conception/ovulation. That is the least!

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