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Well, here is the question, who owns the policy? Chances are likely that if you bought it for him thru your work, you are the owner. As such you get to designate the beneficiary. If you did not assign it to the wife or girlfriend and left yourself as the primary beneficiary then only you are eligable to receive the death benefit. So, the question is, who owns the policy. Find that out and you have your answer. 4lifeguild

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Am i entitled to any or half of my husbands inheritance?

I don't known

How do you find out if your in someones life insurance?

how do i get a copy of my husbands life insurance from global insurance

My husbands company is self insured I have been covered under his insurance for 5 years can the deny me coverage now if I don't provide a Social security number?

Yes... you are not entitled to receive benefits; you must comply with their requests in order to take advantage of their offer of insurance.

In Oregon after five years of marriage is spouse entitled to her husbands retirement pension?


Is your husbands health insurance provider legally allowed to deny his wife coverage if she works part time?

It depends on how their plan document is worded and the specific reason given for denial of coverage for the wife. If their plan document states that dependents with access to other coverage cannot be enrolled and the wife has access to insurance through her employer, then they can.

Is a ex wife entitled to her ex husbands benefits?

Yes. You should discuss this issue with an attorney.

Is the first wife entitled to any her ex husbands pension?

Depends on the specifics of the divorce settlement.

Is the second ex wife entitled to her ex husbands pension?

This would depend on the terms of the divorce agreement.

Is a wife entitled to a part of her husbands large inheritance if both are still married?

No. The inheritance belongs to the husband.

What are average life insurance payout amounts?

"The average amount of life insurance coverage on insured husbands is $235,600 "

Can car insurance company's get your husbands record without you telling them?

No, but if you don't tell them you are married then you are committing insurance fraud.

What if your husbands dental insurance doesn't cover crowns and you can get dental insurance through your company does he have to drop you from his?

Absolutely not. However your husbands policy would become your secondary insurance and you would hold your own primary insurance. Make sure you check with each insurance company to verify that the offer coordination of benefits on what is considered major work!

Why is my husbands ex always in my head?

Your husbands ex girl is always on your mind , as she might be the prettier, and smarter girl, between the two of you, and you have got jelousy in, leave her out of your mind, as she is your husbands ex girlfriend anyway

Can I add on my name to my husbands auto insurance after getting a drivers license?

Have your husband call the insurance agent to make this change.

Is the first wife entitled to any her ex husbands pension.?

If it hasn't been dictated as part of the divorce settlement, then no.

Is an ex-wife entitled to a husbands insurance settlement after 10 years of marriage the accident happened 8 years after their divorce but she still wants 50 percent of his settlement?

Many people who divorce do have a clause in the decree regarding insurance beneficiaries. If the decree is written this way and/or the policy includes her as a beneficiary, then she certainly has rights.

Do I need to report an accident to my insurance if I had the accident in my husbands car and his policy covered it?


Father-in-law died and left a home to split between 5 children Can I file for divorce in NJ and claim a portion of my husbands estate in the West Indies Am I entitled to half of my husbands share?

No. An inheritance is not considered joint property, so you are not entitled to any portion of your husband's share of his inheritance.

Which insurance is primary for the husband when the husband and wife each have insurance through their jobs and husband is covered by the wifes insurance as well?

The husbands own insurance would be primary, and his wife's would be secondary.

Are you entitled to any of your husbands social security disability benefits after divorce?

Only if you were awarded a portion of the benefits in the divorce action.

Can you sue your husbands girlfriend in Washington state?

You should contact an attorney to discuss your special circumstances.

Are you entitled to half your husbands company?

This is a bit complicated, as he may have a company or a factory but if it is in partnership with someone then you can not take half of it just like that.

Will I have to pay tax on your ex husbands Life insurance after his death If I am the owner of the policy?

Do I have to pay tax on my exhusband's life insurance if I am also the benificary of the policy?

If you have cancer and get married will you be covered on your husbands health insurance?

if you have cancer before you are married, it will most likely be considered a pre-existing condition and it will not be covered by insurance.

You have policies with Peoples Security insurance how do you go about rendering these since your husbands recent death?

Waiting for answer.

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