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Depends on how you ran the belt. On a V belt, looking at the front of the motor, the water pump would be turning clockwise. If on the serpentine you ran under the water pumppully and are running on the back side of the belt as some do, then the pump would be turning counter clockwise and yes, running backwards.

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Why would air conditioning stop working on 2004 land cruiser after changing the battery?

Installed the battery backward. A short. Or a fuse blew.

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97 mustang! would

Is a mustang gt a v6?

A Ford Mustang GT would be a V8

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If i were you i would forget about it. v6 Mustang trannies aren't built to handle the torque and horsepower a v8 puts out. You would probably risk doing serious damage to your car if you did that swap. Check eBay for a tranny for your v8. I own a 2003 Pony Package V6 Mustang and i plan on doing an entire overhaul on my car and will be changing everything to do with the stock powertrain. Check out for some good parts.

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The 1st 4 seater Ford Mustang would the 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang.

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That would depend on which engine you have and what year of Ford Mustang

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Stock for stock the Mustang would win

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Would you buy a used mustang or new?

I recommend buying a used mustang because they are just as good but are much cheaper and a new mustang is not worth the larger sticker price therefore I recommend buying a used mustang.

Where are the grease fittings on a 2000 mustang?

I would like to know where to find the grease fittings on a 2000 F/Mustang.

Would you rather have a 76 Monte Carlo or 64 mustang whats worth more?

Mustang all day

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