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Would ethane decolorise bromine water?

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Actually no...ethane ( Alkane class in general ) decolourise bromine water due to the absence of the double bond ( C=C )...so ethene (alkenes in general ) will decolourise the bromine water..

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Does ethane turn bromine water from orange to colourless?

Yes, bromine water tests for double bonds and if they are present (like in an alkane such as ethane) it will change from orange/yellow to colourless.

Would you predict that ethane would or would not dissolve easily in water?

Being a non-polar compound ethane is practically insoluble in water.

Does ethene react with Bromine in the presence of UV light?

Yes, however it doesn't require it either to react. ethene+bromine water→1,2-dibromoethane Ethane reacts with bromine only in the presence of UV forming bromoethane and hydrogen bromide.

Is ethane hydrophobic?

Ethane is insoluble in water.

What is the difference between bromine and bromine water?

Bromine is pure liquid bromine Bromine Water is bromine mixed with water

What is the difference between bromine water and liquid bromine?

Liquid bromine is the Real Bromine, while Bromine water is a mixture of Bromine and Water

What is the difference between liquid bromine and bromine water?

One has water in it (bromine water) and the other is just pure bromine.

What you would see when orange bromine water is shaken with propene?

Bromine water is a dilute solution of bromine that is normally orange-brown in colour, but becomes colourless when shaken with an alkene. Alkenes can decolourise bromine water, while alkanes cannot.

What will you see if you dissolved bromine in water?

You will see Aqueous Bromine or Bromine water

What is the word equation for the combustion of ethane?

ethane + Oxygen --> Carbon dioxide + Water

What happens when you mix bromine with water?

Bromine (Br) is highly soluble in water. So it would dilute itself based on the amount of each.

Formula for reaction between ethene and bromine water?

Ethene has a very reactive double bond, and if mixed with bromine in organic solvent, it will undergo an addition reaction, where the two bromine atoms will adjoin onto the ethane molecule (because the double bond has broken, it now becomes an alkane (ethane) - more specifically it will form 1,2 - dibromoethane. C2H4 (g) + Br2 (tetrachloromethane) -------------------> CH2Br-CH2Br (aq) However, when bromine is dissolved in water instead, HOBr(aq) will be formed, subsequently the reaction becomes: C2H4 (g) + HOBr (aq) -------------------> HO-CH2-CH2Br (aq) Still, the brownish - reddish colour of the bromine water will decolourise. This is a useful way of distinguishing between alkanes and alkenes of similar molecular weights. ***RS**

What is the word equation for Ethane burning in air?

ethane+oxygen= carbon dioxide+water

Chemical formula of bromine water?

bromine water means the liquid formed by dissolving bromine in water. Br2.H2O From M.Swamy

Will water dissolve ethane?

No, because ethane is nonpolar and water can only dissolve polar and charged ionic compounds since water itself is polar.

What would be an example of a covalent molecule?

carbondioxide, N2O, water, ammonia, methane, ethane, acetylene.

Why doesn't iron rust in ethane?

Rust it is an oxide, formed by the reaction with oxygen or oxygenated water ; ethane don't react with water.

Is bromine a mixture?

Bromine is an element, and therefore a pure substance, not a mixture. However, sometimes people loosely refer to bromine water (a solution of bromine in water) as just bromine.

Does bromine dissolve in water?

No. bromine in a small quantity forms suspension in water.

What alkene decolourises bromine water?

All alkenes decolourise bromine water.

What turns bromine water colourless?

alkenes turn bromine water colourless

Will bromine dissolve in water?

No. bromine in a small quantity forms suspension in water.

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