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It would probably be too early. I believe the fertilized egg doesn't implant until about two weeks after ovulation. And you don't produce the hormone until after the egg implants.

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Q: Would having a blood test 6 days after ovulation detect a pregnancy or would it be too early to detect?
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Would an ovulation kit detect ovulation if already pregnant?

If you are pregnant, you would not be ovulating. However, sometimes an ovulation test can be used to detect pregnancy. The test line must be darker than the control line.

How many days ofter ovulation would a pregnancy test be positive?

After 16 days of ovulation a pregnancy test be positive.

Would cramping since ovulation and 10 days after ovulation light pink discharge mean pregnancy?

If you are having light pink dis charge 10 days after ovulation, it is usually a sign that the egg is implanting itself to the wall.

Would a blood test for pregnancy detect hiv?

No, a blood test for pregnancy would not detect HIV. Ask for the HIV test by name.

Can a pregnancy test detect if you are pregnant if you still get your period regularly?

If you are having a regular period, why would you think you could be pregnant?

How soon after ovulation would you get pregnancy symptoms?

Well, it's not after ovulation, it's after conception, but 2 weeks after conception at the earliest

When is the earliest that you can detect pregnancy?

at first thought of being pregnant however most women wait untill 3-days after their missed period to take a pregnacy test i would sugest the: EPT pregnancy test(error proof test) The earliest and most accurate time you can detect pregnancy is with a urine test....home pregnancy test, when your late for your period or three weeks after having unprotected sex. Or with a blood test, you can detect pregnancy within 5-7 days after having sex.

How can I tell if I am pregnant if I am not having periods because I am still breastfeeding?

I would think you can take an early response pregnancy test. Because ovulation comes before your period, you wouldn't know without a pregnancy test.

Is it possible for a blood test meant to detect anemia before surgery to detect the pregnancy hormone is at all likely?

No, because they would have to test for pregnancy to detect it. They can use the same blood to test it though if you request it.

What is the chances of getting pregnancy 2 days after ovulation?

I would say 50 to 80 % chance

How soon after ovulating can you take atest?

Most OTC tests are able to detect pregnancy during the first few days of the skipped menstruation. So that means in the beginning of the next menstrual cycle, and that would be about two weeks after ovulation.

Can a woman still feel ovulation pains if she is pregnant?

During pregnancy a woman should not be able to ovulate. So I think she won't be able to feel ovulation pains as well. Should she be in pain during pregnancy similar to ovulation pains I would advice her to see a doctor.

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