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No, not at all.

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Q: Would intercourse with a pot smoker cause you to fail a drug test?
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Will a claim for a Drug Marijuana user be denied if the policy is for a non drug user or non smoker?

not necessarily

What nuts or seeds that would cause a person to test positive in a drug test?

Poppy seeds can cause a false positive on a drug test, however it would have to be a lot of them.

How does a regular smoker pass a drug test in less then a week?

Simple, don't smoke.

What would cause a test to show positive for methamphamine other than the actual drug?

it is a drug

Does Brian Williams a smoker?

Unfortunately, he IS a smoker, so he suffers the mental illness and other brain damaged caused by addiction to the ILLEGAL tobacco drug, which must be BANNED NOW!

What drug would cause mood swings and violence?

There are numerous drugs that can cause mood swings and violence of course the most obvious one would be Panadol, it enters through your blood streams and the last drug that can cause this is Strepsils.

Is fags a drug?

A slang term for cigarettes. Yes, it is a drug in my opinion since it is addictive. Coming from a former smoker, it took lots of will power to quit!

What would cause a urine drug test to show positive results for cocaine other then the actual drug?


What drug would cause a blue and purple tongue at death?


What drug would cause false positive on stress test?


If your a non marijuana smoker and kiss a marijuana smoker will a saliva drug test fail due to traces of marijuana in system?

"You would need to swallow a good number of buckets of saliva. THC (the active ingredient in marijuana) is stored in your fat cells in your body, so it cannot be transferred via saliva. If you are being drug tested be honest with your doctor, the test will show." So the answer is NO.

What if your were a chronic marijuana smoker how long does it take?

Good accurate drug test 30 days atleast