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Would it be cheaper to buy a rebuilt head or try to rebuild it yourself if there are broken rocker arms and probably a bent or broken rod?


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2015-07-17 17:30:57
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Hey Tim==Rocker arms and push rods don't come with a rebuilt head. You will have to buy these anyhow. However the biggest thing is if the valve guides are worn or not. Stick a valve in the guide and wiggle it and if it moves over about .020 the guides need replaced which requires a machine shop. GoodluckJoe

if you have a bent or broken rod, fixing the head will not help. A bent rod means you need to rebuild the engine. Before you rebuild the engine, look at buying a crate engine from an aftermarket supplier like


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It is cheaper, saves time and less aggravation to just purchase a rebuilt caliper than to rebuild it yourself.

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Just buy your self a rebuilt starter,Cheaper and easyer

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The internal workings of the transmissions are very complex. I suggest if you have the knowledge to at least pull the trans, to do that & either take it to a shop to rebuild or exchange for one already rebuilt (or a used from from a salvage yard). Then you will save the labor by taking it out & reinstalling it yourself. But for the trouble & special tools needed, it is far cheaper in $$$ & time to get a used or rebuilt trans & do the labor yourself.

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Yes, of course it can be rebuilt if you know how. My advice is to just buy one that has already been rebuilt at the factory. You save very little doing it yourself.

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