Would it be copying if you described a werewolf looking like the werewolf in new moon?

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That depends. If your werewolf happens to look like a regular wolf, but is slightly larger than normal, then no. A lot of werewolf legends have them to be larger than normal wolves. However, if they're large, "burst" into werewolf form, are fighting for a girl named Bella, and hate men named Edward, then yes.
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How be a werewolf?

I can give you a site that has instructiions to be a therian. They are sort of like weres but are four leged and anyone (well almost anyone) can be one. Check out the related link.

What does a werewolf look like?

Most legends have had some basis in fact, and the legend of the werewolf is no exception. However the werewolf of popular fantasy/horror novels and films is an imaginary beast, based on extravagant interpretations of past superstitions.. Wolves have been both feared and worshipped by past civilisat ( Full Answer )

What is a werewolf?

Werewolves: A werewolf in folklore and mythology is a person who changes into a wolf, either by purposefully using magic or by being placed under a curse. The transformation was associated with the full moon. According to wikipedia, "Werewolves are often attributed superhuman strength and senses, f ( Full Answer )

Can you be a werewolf?

Nobody has ever proved that they existed but to become one you have to be either scratched/cut or bitten by one. Although most werewolves are just a main part in some fiction/science fiction/fantasy books or films. Yes. But first you have to do the very hard job of actually finding a werewolf in ( Full Answer )

What does a werewolf on stage 1 look like?

Ok i dont fully get your meaning. but on stage 1 of transformation your muscles grow and you look ripped and your bones warp into a diffrent shape. and your talking about what you look like in stages already transformed there are no stages you always look the same the only changes you could ever go ( Full Answer )

What do werewolfs like to do?

As you may know, werewolfs are half human and half wolf and are transformed into these creatures when the full moon shines on them.. They like to hunt down humans and other animals and also bite their helpless victims and ravage them with their hideous curse-which is cool.. Hope this helps

What would a werewolf look like?

A werewolf would look like a person with hair all over (and when i say all over, I mean all over) them.

What would a werewolf look like if it were real?

A werewolf would look like a man and a wolf. It would look sort of tangled and scroungy. It would probably have bad dog breath and smell like a wet dog. But a shapeshifting wolf, also maybe known as a shifter, would look entirely like a wolf, probably clean and would walk and sound like a wolf, r ( Full Answer )

Werewolf myth and the full moon?

The original myth was that if you are a werewolf you are cursed and change at the full moon, but in common cases, you can either choose when you change (but that's more lycans than anything) or the change takes you whenever it does, different books tell different stories about stuff that we don't re ( Full Answer )

When did Seth Clearwater turn into a werewolf in New Moon?

Seth and Leah turned into werewolves shortly before Harry Clearwater died. Finding out the they were both werewolves, Seth being 14 and Leah a girl, was what caused him to have a heart attack.. above and there is proof in Eclipse

Were is a werewolf?

Like humans,they are all over the earth,but there are onlya mild amount of them around

What a werewolf was like?

The werewolf has held a range of characteristics and attitudes. Often they are portrayed as beserker beasts but that is probably just the Hollywood stereotype. In ancient lore sorcerer were able to change into werewolves by some magical object or potion and behaved only as was appropriate for the si ( Full Answer )

Is Jacob Black a werewolf in New Moon?

No he is not. He is a shape shifter. The difference between a shape shifter and at werewolf are these: A shape shifter is able to control when to shape shift, while a werewolf only changes under the full moon. A shape shifter can have the shape of anything, in this case a wolf, while a werew ( Full Answer )

Who plays the werewolfes in new moon and the voultri and there guard?

obviously Bella is the main character. Jacob plays a way bigger part then in the 1st book & we get 2 meet some of Jacobs friends. Edward & the cullens play a way smaller part this time around. u dont hear to much from Bella human friends but Charlie (bellas dad) is a bit more involved

What can werewolfs do?

a warewolf and do alot of damage, bite off your skin, shred up your hair, almost rip off a leg or arm, they hurt they can be very powerful

In New Moon what is the werewolf legend?

Quileute legends. Native American legend suggests that the Quileutes are descended of wolves. According to Quileute mythology, a being known alternately as Dokibatt, K'wa'iti, the Trickster, the Transformer and The Changer (with the latter three titles at times embodying the previous two names) cre ( Full Answer )

Where is the werewolf?

At WikiAnswers you will find the Werewolf listed under Animal Life - Cryptids & Legendary Creatures - Werewolves

What page in new moon does Jacob become a werewolf?

\nJacob tries to tell Bella in Chapter 12- Intruder; page 283- But due to an order given by Sam, he cannot. \n. \nBella has the dream that helps her figure it out on page 291\n. \nShe eventually figures it out on page 293\n. \nShe tells Jacob on page 305\n. \n. \nHope this helps!

Does Jacob look like a werewolf?

yes a very big one. only by his hair do but hes a human in the 1st twilight movie (with the hair)

Who is the girl werewolf of New Moon?

Leah Clearwater. She isn't actually mentioned to be a werewolf until Eclipse, but she and her brother (Seth Clearwater), both turn into werewolves/shapeshifters in New Moon. That's why their dad had a heart attack.

What would a vampire werewolf hybrid look like?

The best example which could be given would be from the Underworld series, which showed a Lycan/Vampire hybrid, with the person being Lycan before becoming a hybrid, and a Vampire/Lycan hybrid with the person being a vampire before becoming a hybrid. In both cases, the person has blue skin and bl ( Full Answer )

What are the colors of each werewolf in New Moon?

Paul= silver gray Jacob= reddish brown Sam=black Embry= grey with black spots on his back Jared=medium brown Go to twilightthemovie.com and go to the official New Moon site to see the Voturi, the Cullens and the Quilletes.

How would you describe a werewolf?

A psychological state of mind. As werewolves are fictional creatures any description would be subjective, however I'll give it a go. Physically, in wolf form - Looking much like any healthy wolf, perhaps a bit larger than most with an "intelligence" to their eyes. Physically, in human form ( Full Answer )

What color werewolf is Jacob from new moon?

im preee sure hes greyish black correct me if im wrong WAIT ill check on google....................................................................................................... .................................................................................................................. .. ( Full Answer )

Which werewolf in new moon gets angry real easy?

That would be Paul. He is the one who transforms into a wolf when Bella hits him. Btw they arent werewolfes, but shapeshifters. Werewolfes only change at full moon.

How to describe a werewolf?

a human that has been either cursed or bitten by another werewolf and turns into a werewolf every full moon night

If you sent a Werewolf to the Moon would it stay a Werewolf?

The critical factor is not the moon but moon-light. As the moon does have a rotational period (the same as its orbital period about the Earth) any one spot on the moon's surface is illuminated for only 15 days. Therefore a werewolf on the moon would be in his wolf-phase for only every other 15 days. ( Full Answer )

In twilight did Jacob know he was a werewolfe or find out in new moon?

In Twilight he knew of the legends but he didn't know the legends were real which you find out in New Moon. In New Moon he becomes a werewolf because of the increase of vampires in the area. (The Cullen's had moved in 2 years previous) So basically he found out in New Moon. (Book wise)

What would being a werewolf be like?

why don't you ask one... -_- sorry but its really obvious that werewolves do not exist... . May I just say that it is not certain that werewolves do not exist, 'science' has been wrong before and this could be one of them. . being a werewolf, is extremely different. we are considered outcasts a ( Full Answer )

What is a werewolfe?

a fictional wolf that if you get bitten by one you will try into a werewolf

How do you know if your looking at a werewolf?

You could know if your looking at a werewolf ... . If he/she is very serious . if he/she doesn't like going out side in a full moon . if he/she loves to eat meat on a daily basis that's how you know if your looking at a werewolf :D

What does Bella look like as a werewolf?

bella can't turn into a werewolf really not just because of Edward but of her blood is not Quileute blood so her father is not a werewolf so......

Who is the werewolf?

Jacob Black is the werewolf in Twilight. There are many werewolf characters in different fictions.

What would a werewolf like for a present?

for anys sake. werewolfs dont care about presents. some people say they are real. some dont. but you can say they are real if you want. but any hows. leave the werewolfs alone or you might find your the present. i mean food lol :)

What does the werewolf habitat looks like?

For that question to make sense, you'd first need to think thatwerewolves are real - which they aren't. . And, being imaginary creatures, they can live in whateverimaginary landscape you care to dream up for them.