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Would it be grand theft if you took your car back from the repo lot and what can happen to you if do?


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2005-04-30 20:53:31
2005-04-30 20:53:31

Grand Theft or Grand larceny, either one is bad. Please dont do it. Once the Car is in our care and custody it is NO LONGER YOUR CAR AT ALL, Unless the lien holder says it is and yes it has happened and yes debtors have Been arrested for taking a car back.


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Steal it back if your online if not you buy it back

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To reset an anti-theft system in the a 1996 Grand Am, you will need to find the box and turn it off and back on. The anti-theft box is usually located under the dashboard.

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That would actually be called grand theft auto. See, the car does not belong to you. Once the vehicle is repossessed, the lender has taken possession of the property that secured the loan. Taking it back, outside of legal proceedures is theft, and would likely involve breaking and entering to get to it.

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YOU DON'T! Besides she stabs u in the back later in the game

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