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yes it would.. if your friend thinks its okay for u to go out with her brother than it wouldnt. Being 13 with a 16 yr old sister, I can guarentee u It wud be weird if one of my sister's Friends asked me out. I guess if I like her it wudnt be too bad but my sister might find it weird. I wudnt suggest it but u can try ne ways

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Q: Would it be weird for a 16 year old girl to go out with a 13 year old boy - her best friend's little brother?
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Is it weird for a 20 year old man to be friends with a 13 year old boy We act like brothers and play xbox and stuff He is my bed friends little brother Is this weird?

Though it is a little weird for a 20 year old man to be friends with a 13 year old boy, it can also be a good thing if the boy doesn't have anyone to look up to and is safe in the relationship.

Why doesn't a shy girl talk to her brother's friends in addition to her crush?

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well, the girl would tell their parents if she was in a relationship and im not sure if she would tell her parents brother friends or whatever. but if they loved u and respected u they wouldn't think it was funny or weird. but sometimes they can have a twist so if they do, just let it go and it will pass in time as they get used to it.

Is it okay to date your brother's girlfriend's brother?

It would be kind of weird if one of you broke up.

What if you like your friends older brother?

this situationg is easy if your friend and her brother are close, she will probably think its weird, but at the same time, she will be happy for him since she obviously thinks you are a wonderful person seeing as you two are friends, if she likes her older brother, and thinks he's a good guy, then she will also probably be happy for you too. unless this friend of your is a guy? that would make it a little weird, I don't know why, it just would I guess. but still, your friend should understand and I don't see anything wrong with it.

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I am inthe same boat as you. Except that it is my friends brother. Same age and everything. Honestly, I say go for it! If you guys like each other then why not?

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hun, if they are really your friends, they would not do that to you. think about it. is it a wise thing to do?

Is being in love with your best friends brother weird?

No it is perfectlly natural depending on age but may strain the relationship with you friend

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