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will a sim card from a contracted phone still work as a contract,were you get a phone bill for phone calls used,when the contracted phone sim is put in a pay as you go phone

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No. If your SIM card breaks, your phone won't work. However, if you replace your SIM card, your phone will work again.

The sim card will only work in a different phone if the phone is ulocked, in not, no

Yes, a sim card is a memory card only used in cell phones. I f you were to use it in another carrier's phone, it might not work due to different companies, and how the phones work.

If your phone is a GSM phone, then it would not take messages without a SIM card on the phone. It would not even work without it.

When you format your sd card to your cell phone, you are enabling the phones features to work with and save the data inside the card.

No. It won't work.If, we want to that phone has to work, then we would have to buy the new SIM card in UK.Then, surely it works...

it depends on weather its the phone that is locked or if the sim card is locked. if its the sim card then you need to call telstra and they can unlock it for you. but if its only the phone then the sim card will always work on any other phone

will a t moble sim card work in a cincinati bell phone

a phone with these two facility can work in GSM with sim card and can work without sim card in cdma mode

If the Bell phone is unlocked and runs on GSM technology, then you should be able to use it on Rogers network.

yes any sim card can go in any phone

want to no were i can get a phone that will work with safelinks sims card

Yeah. It doesn't matter what corporation it is, Samsung or Nokia. What matters the most is the phone, slot for the card. For example if in your nokia phone there is a SD card slot, then let's say a samung phone has some kind of other card slot it will not work. But if both will have SD card slot then it should work.

A Boost Mobile phone can only work with a T-Mobile sim card if the phone is unlocked. Phones that are locked to a specific carrier will not work with other sim cards.

When you have a sim card most times you just pop out your sim card and put in any other phone. So I would say yes you can as long as it's not CDMA ( no sim card ) you will be fine.

If the phone is unlocked you should be able to put any type of sim card in there as long as it is a GSM phone with a sim card slot.

yes you can use a phone sd card in your wii but if you want to put pictures or videos you need a camera phone

You can put a Boost Mobile SIM card in a Verizon phone, but it won't work.

Any cell phone that is unlocked requires a SIM card to work. If you own a Sidekick cell phone that is unlocked you are able to use a carrier other than T-Mobile. For this reason, it will require a SIM card to work.

No it is made especially for the go phone.

you put the memory card in your phone and let it do its job.

Yes you can! as long as the phone is unlocked any sim card will work in it :)

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