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Would milk help grow grass?

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It may, but it's not as good as other fertilizers like livestock manure.

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What if you watered grass seeds with milk How long would it take to grow?

.....grass seed needs moisture....I don't think that milk would cause it to grow any faster, or any slower than water, as long as it is kept saturated until it has sprouted.

Will a plant grow bigger watered by milk or pepsi?

A plant will grow bigger with milk because milk has nutrients and proteins to help the plant grow

Does milk help you grow?

no, it makes your bones grow stronger.

What type of mold grows when watering grass with milk?

Why on earth would anyone want to water grass with milk?

Can milk help plants grow?

absolutley not

Does milk actually help you grow?


What foods help your bones grow?


What if a plant grows and it is given milk?

Milk doesn't help plants grow.

Would a plant grow taller with milk or water?

Milk makes it grow faster I did the science project

Can you grow taller by drinking Nestle Nesvita?

It doesn't matter what kind of milk you are drinking, Milk helps you grow so by drinking 2 or 3 glasses of milk everyday will help you grow tall! :)

Does milk make you shorter?

no but milk makes u grow and help your bones get stronger with calcium

Can Coconut milk can help grow new plants?


How does milk help make plants grow?

Contains calcium?!!

Which will help a plant grow faster water or milk?


What can help you to grow taller?

stretching, milk, protein, and sleep.

What do you have to do to grow?

to grow, you must eat healthy and drink a lot of milk in the day to help you grow and become strong

Does milk help your grow?

Yes!! it also helps your nails grow. if you drink one cup of milk every day for 10 days, your hair will grow 2.76588920 long.

Will milk help your breast grow?

Yes...they will grow but....not all thatmuch but they will.....jy'kerria bryant was here

Does irrigating by milk or water make a plant grow faster?

Water because Milk would make the plant mold.and water would make it grow faster because Milk doesnt have sugar in it so therfor water would make it grow faster because it has the nutrients...that milk doesnt.

Does milk help your hair grow?

yes!! it also helps your nails grow. if you drink one cup of milk every day for 10 days, your hair will grow 2.76588920 long.

What is the original source of energy in in cheese?

Energy from the sun makes the grass grow and that is what the cows feed on to produce milk.

Does drinking chocolate milk help you grow tall?

yes sir

If cows eat grass is milk made of grass?

No. Milk is milk and comes directly from mammals like cows.

Will milk help plants grow?

When it grows it doesn't grow as tall as it would've been if you gave it water.

Can lemonade help plants grow?

Yes it can , but milk or water will make plants grow more faster.