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Well, some guys may think it is sweet but, some guys may think its creeperish...But, in my opinion if he doesn't notice that you like him, he isn't worth you.


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He would say no if he was shy but if he has admitted it that he likes he would say yes

Its unlikely that he would admit to being jealous. He's asking because he's obviously showing an interest!

If it was me i would probably say yes and peck him back :)

That would be our semi-automated friend --- MooBot

Who ever is the one that is not asked out and it is your best friend you be happy for them and move forward. There are always other boys to focus your interest on - a boy is not worth losing your best friend over as you can always keep a friend longer than a boyfriend.

Yes, I would imagine so. Your boyfriend obviously doesn't want you to hang out with his friend for a reason, this could mean the friend of his might have some feelings for you, I would be careful about this one.

What role are you expected to play. If it is a positive role accept it.

A friend of mine had a friend that was a mortian and he went down stairs and saw a tank of coke cola and asked his friend about it and when they would run out of embalming fluid they would use that

Of course she would, she is in love with Edward and while Jacob was her best friend and she left him.

in school you either guess the person who asked you or the person who asked you's friend. And if no one asked you then it's your friend, or some one who knows you well

If you are interested in this "ex" then talking to your bestfriend explain that this person has asked you out and you were wondering if that would bother them - if it does and you respect your friend then you decline, if your friend is ok with it then do what you prefer but it should be respected that you asked if it was ok before just going ahead with this. If you do not want anything to do with this person simply say no your not interested. Remember though your friend is not with him for a reason and ask yourself if your willing to be with him knowing everything you may.

The statement can be taken two ways. He may not have been thinking about it and when you asked he realized that he felt good. He may have been trying to let you know he appreciated you asking. I don't think I would read a lot into the statement.

No. Dating is a natural part of the human life and nearly everyone does it. So no it would not be bad at all.

"Sorry, I'm not ready for a dating relationship right now."

I asked the same exact question and the answer is no... You would be a bad friend if you acted on this...

ask the person if they like you just a bit more then a friend and if they say yes then ask them out it happened for me i really like this boy he was like my best friend so i asked him if he liked me more than just a friend and then he asked me out.

that answer lies in the eyes of your friend. if they asked them first then you must ask them if it is ok with them or else it could ruin your friendship.

Asher, Jonas friend, he was a three he asked and he got smacked afterwards.

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