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Would new allergies be related to liver or gallbladder problems?

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βˆ™ 2004-04-27 11:15:13

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I would say that it's very likely a liver problem. RPM Paris France

2004-04-27 11:15:13
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Would a gallbladder attack and prostate problem be related?

The prostate is not related to the gallbladder or a gallbadder attack.

Are nut allergies related to mushroom allergies?

No, nut allergies and mushroom allergies are un-related. Nut allergies are closely related to tree nuts, however. Mushrooms are in the fungi family, so experiencing an allergy to mushrooms would be more closely related to molds/seasonal fungi. You should consult with your primary care physician or allergist and possibly get tested.

What would be wrong with gallbladder that would make it hurt?

Gallstones could be possible? Eating fatty foods such as donuts or fried food would make it hurt. The doctors thought I needed my gallbladder removed. It turned out to be a stomach ulcer. I also thought it was my gallbladder. Check to see if your parents have had gallbladder problems. If so, you might need to get an ultra sound.

Can allergies harm a fetus?

Severe-enough allergies can lead to other health problems, such as those of the heart, if left untreated. This, in turn, would harm the fetus more than a medication would.

Difficulty digesting a fatty meal could indicate a problem in the?

Gallbladder. But there are several other possible answers depending on other symptoms. Another indication of gallbladder problems would be if you also had difficulty with dairy.

What would cause the gallbladder to shrink?

whay caused a gallbladder to shrink

Where are gallstones located if your gallbladder is removed?

If your gallbladder was removed, any gallstones would be removed with it. The gallbladder is a lot like a pouch, and the stones would be enclosed inside of it.

Why would a gallbladder be white in color?

The Gallbladder would be green due to the dark green bile which is stored there.

Did John Lennon have allergies?

John Lennon did have allergies, food allergies. He would have to watch what he ate.

Why would a person get sweaty after eating?

A person could get sweaty after eating if they have gallbladder problems. They may also be having an allergic reaction to something they ate.

Does having your gallbladder removed cause you to have excess gas?

No. That would not be a side effect of gallbladder removal.

Do you need allergies?

Ok, well the answer is no. You do not NEED allergies, you are simply born with, or develop it. If you really needed allergies, then everybody on the face of this EARTH would have allergies.

How do you avoid allergies?

You would have to live in a bubble........CONCLUSION: you cant avoid allergies

Where would you find a gallbladder?

Digestive System

What type of X-ray would be used to visualize the gallbladder?

MRI scan is used to scan gallbladder

What organ is the gallbladder a part of?

Gallbladder is actually a separate organ, but it works together with the liver to release bile. If anything, it would be part of liver as gallbladder is where the liver stores bile.

What is cholecystolithiases?

As you have it spelled, cholecystolithiases would refer to multiple states of having gallbladder stones that have not left the gallbladder, but do not cause inflammation.

What would cause a cat to get repeated respiratory problems such as sneezing and congestion?

asthma and/or allergies usually,but more seriously,such things as an enlarged heart can cause respiratory problems either way a visit to the vet is needed.

What is the name for the organ where bile is stored?

That would be the Gallbladder!

Which dog would you prefer a labrador or golden retriever and why?

A lab because they are easy to keep groomed wile goldens can have a lot of allergies and may get skin problems

Can gallbladder give you a false positive on a pregnancy test?

There is no gallbladder disease or problem that would cause a false positive pregnancy test.

Is a teddy bear hamster good for people with allergies or would it affect their allergies?

They don't have dander, like a cat or dog, but it depends on what allergies you have. Most people with asthma or other breathing problems have the most trouble from the bedding. All bedding has dust unless you use newspaper. Newspaper is a great bedding, but has to be changed more often. I would suggest you hold and play with someone else's hamster and see if you have a reaction.

What are the symptoms for mold allergies?

Themost common symptoms for mold allergies include headache, hives, itchiness, coughing, diffuculty breathing, sinus,fullness of lungs and also fever.

What body cavity would have to be open for a removal of a gallbladder?

The abdomen.

Should surgical clips be left in after a gallbladder surgery?

Surgical clips are necessary when getting your gallbladder removed. When your gallbladder is removed, it leaves an opening in your common bile duct. Normally this opening is where the liver pumps bile into for storage in the gallbladder. Since you no longer have a gallbladder, if this opening was not sealed with surgical clips, your liver would essentially be pumping bile into your abdomen.