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Q: Would olly murs go out with an 38 year old?
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Would Olly Murs date a 14 year old?

no but u never no lauren

How old is Olly Murs?

Olly Murs is 33 years old (birthdate: May 14, 1984).

How old is olly mars?

Olly Murs 23

How old was Olly Murs when he entered the xfactor?

olly murs was 25 when he auditioned for the x factor

-How old is olly murs?

Olly Murs is 28 years of age (birthdate: 14th may, 1984)

How old is olly murs brother?


How old is olly murs mum?


How old is olly murs' mum?


How old is olly murs twin?

He is the same age as him but Olly is the older twin

How old are olly murs' sister?

5679 years old

How old was olly murs when he became a singer?


What does Olly murs do for a living?

Olly Murs is a singer. Sings pop songs with an old school twist. Has a record label with Syco and Epic.

How old was olly murs when he was on x factor?

he was 26 years old

How old is olly murs 2014?

on the 14th of may he Is 30

How old was olly murs when he started to sing?

not sure but i think its 27

What songs are on the olly murs incase you didnt know tour?

Most songs off his new album (in case you didn't know) and some off the old one (Olly Murs) he also does some other songs that are not his like 'i feel good' Its worth going to see him, even if you sit at the back, he's awesome!

Why did olly murs write dear darlin'?

Relating to anybody who has broken up with a girlfriend/boyfriend and wrote them a letter as an 'old-skool' way of breaking up with them

What age did Olly Murs start singing?

About 25 years old roughly as he is 27 now and went on x factor 2 or 3 years ago

How old is olly Barney now?

15 :)

How old is fay murs?

She is now 30 but i dont know when her birthday is.

Would dahvie vanity would go out with a 16 year old and he only 25 year old?

Would dahvie vanity go out with a 16 year old and he only 22 year old

Where was Olly Murs dance with you tonight filmed It looks like most of the areas are local?

the ending was filmed on a proper set but the other bits were filmed in lewisham The set that is used for the police station shots im sure is the old set that was used as the custody desk in the t.v series The Bill.

Can a nine year old watch a 3 year old?

I would not think a 9 year old would be mature enough to look after a mere 3 year old child.

If you were born in the year 1995 how old would you be in the year 2010?

You would be 15 years old.

What year were you if you are 84 years old?

you would be 1 year old